MONROE, MI - The small city of around 20,000 civilization can't sheight talking around the Stephen Colbert interwatch via Eminem at Monroe Public Access. So, exactly how did this occur in Monroe of all places?


MPACT office on the top level on fifth St.

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The beginning stages: It was just a normal day at the office some weeks earlier for Monroe Public Access executive director Milward Beaudry at the 5th street studios, till he received a rather secretive and interesting phone contact.

"The caller ID said CBS in New York. They asked me a bunch of questions about our studio and feasible limitations," Beaudry said. "They were getting a feel for what our facility can carry out and how things are erected here. After they talked to me and looked at video of our set on our website, they chose to relocate forward through the trick interwatch."

The pre-interview: After weeks of wondering what was going to take place and how it was all going to come together, the day arrived: June 29, 2015. CBS brought its crew to Monroe Public Access and also got to work-related on the interview.

"It was still a big surpclimb on the amount of people CBS lugged with them. Elalso world in complete. When they acquired below, they instantly visited occupational."

All hands were also on deck for the Monroe Public Access staff. The team only has actually five civilization that work-related tbelow. All were tbelow on the huge day of the intersee, including some interns from Monroe Community College.

"The goal was to get as many kind of of our members to occupational on the intersee. For instance, one intern did the audio, and our regimen director did the technical directing."

The Eminem surprise: It wasn't till the day of the intersee that the crew learned it wouldn't just be Stephen Colbert and his crew in the studio. No one at Monroe Public Access kbrand-new of the one-of-a-kind A-list celebrity guest that would be a part of the regime.


The set

"We did not recognize anypoint around Eminem. We knew around Colbert, yet not Eminem. Only when they gave us files to sign on the day of did we learn who his guest was."

Transcreating the studio to accommodate: Beaudry and his crew had to gain creative once it involved accommodating Colbert's crew for the production. They offered eincredibly room in the little structure to the max on the day of the interview.

The radio terminal, Rewind 94.3 doubled as a room to feed the crew, and also one of the modify suites ended up being provided as Colbert's makeup room. Beaudry lugged in a lamp and mirror from home.


They transdeveloped an editing and enhancing suite to use it as a makeup room for Colbert

New attention to MPACT: Monroe Public Access Center is a nonprofit company which provides a public forum for human being and also businesses in the location to use the TV and radio airwaves to deliver their messages to the public. It's a company provided by the terminal at simply $325 a year for memberships. The hope is many brand-new civilization and also businesses learn around MPACT and also it gains new members.


The following episode of the monthly program "Only In Monroe" at Monroe Public Access airs in August. It is currently a must-watch program bereason you never know who may present up.

Edward Pevos is the entertainment reporter for covering Detroit and Southeast Michigan. You can follow him on Twitter

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