My third Stitch Fix landed on a sunny Friday – a sunny, payday Friday. Currently if the isn’t an excellent luck, i don’t know what is. Ns literally couldn’t wait to open it up and see what pieces my stylist picked for me this month!

What is it?

If you haven’t heard about Stitch Fix, the a monthly (or weekly or quarterly – you pick the frequency) clothing subscription service. You pay a $20 styling fee and your stylist chooses 5 pieces for your wardrobe based upon your preferences and even your Pinterest boards that you can connect to your profile.

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You can select tops, bottoms, accessories, shoes, purses, jackets and much more based ~ above what your wardrobe requirements or any kind of events that you have actually coming up. Once your package arrives, you have actually three work to try it on and decide if you desire to keep it.

Then, you deserve to either save it all or just some, or none at all, as soon as you’ve decided, then placed it in the postage-provided bag they carry out and leave it because that the mailman. It’s that easy!

If you choose to buy something from your Fix, the $20 styling fees goes in the direction of your purchase, and also if you save all five items, you get a hefty 25% discount.

Why I use it:

I am a vast fan that Stitch fix because: kids. Literally, and I actually like shopping, going to adult apparel stores with my youngsters in tow is no relaxing and fun nowadays, and most of the time I can’t try things on. This method I have to return the items ns buying, for this reason it’s yet another trip come the stores with my lovable yet sticky kids.

Enter Stitch Fix. Ns love the convenience of this service and not make trips come the mall with my littles, however even much more I love having a stylist v a totality disposal of inventory to pick from to dress me follow to my preferences.

The style cards the each items comes through is another bonus, too. I really appreciate looking in ~ the outfit ideas and also then selecting how come wear mine pieces. It renders me feel placed together and stylish, i beg your pardon is no my usual norm. Ns love the confidence i have uncovered from mine Stitch fix styles!


Photo credit: Stitch Fix. Ns love the style cards, which display how the pieces your stylist sends deserve to be worn.

How execute I sign up?

Once you create an account with Stitch Fix, you will get a chance to create a style profile. This will aid your stylist select the items that fit girlfriend best, so be as certain as feasible in the comments sections. You can choose your price ranges, an individual tastes (no fur, love leather, every little thing you like), and rate some photos of apparel styles that gives your an individual stylist summary of your taste.

Then girlfriend decide once you want your very first Fix sent!

What’s in it?

In this Fix, I especially asked for all tops. Mine wardrobe is tho in post-baby flux and also I don’t want to invest in any type of fitted pants until I’m at a secure weight. Plus, ns seem to it is in seriously lacking in any kind of cute tops. I pinned a ton of cute tops that I wanted my stylist to watch that were lady-like, through pretty details. Friend can inspect out mine Pinterest style Board here, if you’d like.

My brand-new stylist, Erica C. Picked the end these 5 tops for me:

Daniel Rainn Chariette Crochet detail Top –

This top is stunning! I average really, really stunning. The pattern is beautiful, the crochet is a vulnerable touch, and it comes with a navy tank because that underneath. I opened this very first and knew instantly that ns would keep it. Love at first sight! ns wore that the next night on a quasi-date night through my husband and our youngest. I felt so put together and also classic, yet comfortable sufficient to mind my kids, which are my 2 necessities.

Verdict: maintained it


Daniel Rainn Chariette Crochet detail Top

41Hawthorn Concord stripe Draped bag Cardigan –

The cardigan is a at sight soft jersey material in a subtle purple strip pattern. I didn’t have the very same blown away reaction together I did to the Daniel Rainn top, however this one prospered on me. When I tried the on, i loved the cozy material and the look of the cardigan, and also the pockets to be an included bonus. Ns can fully picture making use of this for cool nights this summer, or throwing it on through jeans every fall and also winter.

Verdict: retained it


41Hawthorn Concord stripe Draped pocket Cardigan

Fun2Fun Caridee separation Neck height –

This white top with a pink and blue floral style is much out from something ns would typically buy for myself. Ns am no one to walk for white, therefore I would certainly have certainly walked right past this had I watched it in ~ the store. That would have been a mistake though because I fell in love with this top once I tried it on. This is in huge part why i am for this reason in love with Stitch Fix; it is acquisition me simply slightly the end of my lull zone and I love the results.

Verdict: retained it


Fun2Fun Caridee split Neck Top

Collective concepts Vivi Crochet Embroidery peak –

This peak is comparable to one that was in my last Fix, so i was passionate to shot it top top to view the fit. I knew right away that I liked the lace design and also the thin material, but when I hosted it out in front of me, I automatically thought “tablecloth.” ~ trying the on, that is a boxy fit, but I think I choose it. That a forgiving top for days once I require it, and I feel an extremely feminine in it. I’m actually going to to be this to job-related tomorrow through black thin ankle pants and a environment-friendly anorak coat – just like that nifty layout card told me to.

Verdict: kept it


Collective ideas Vivi Crochet Embroidery Top

41Hawthown Colibri solid Tab Sleeve Blouse –

This top blew me away as soon as I opened up it! ns LOVED the shade immediately. I loved the mandarin collar, and I love the tunic length. Later that night once I read Erica’s keep in mind to me (another cute function of Stitch Fix), she stated that she observed I had actually pinned that to mine Pinterest format board. Now I knew wherein I had seen the before! ns loved that Erica peeked at my Pinterest board and found miscellaneous on it because that me. I have tried this blouse on v jeans and also slacks and a pencil skirt and I love the all. Full love.

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Verdict: preserved it


41Hawthown Colibri heavy Tab Sleeve Blouse

This deal with was a 5/5! Erica go an exceptional job choosing styles that fit mine profile and also requests, while additionally stretching me a bit to discover something new. I’m looking front to wearing all these piece this month. For my June Fix, I asked for tops, an additional cardigan, and also a purse. Ns can’t wait to see what she come up with!

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Remember come share your own referral v friends as soon as you obtain your solve for money towards your following Fix!

What carry out you think, friends? What would certainly you have kept or returned?

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