Strong Girl Pre exercise is a complement designed to carry out energy, strength and also focus to any kind of woman’s workout.

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Strong Girl is a relatively brand-new supplement brand consisted of of women and also designed specifically for women. They have a range of practice supplements stated to ‘turn any kind of woman into a solid girl’.

Strong Girl is component of Lovate health Sciences International. These space the same people who create Hydroxycut and Muscle technology supplements.

Ingredients Label


Active Ingredients

Beta Alanine

Beta alanine helps to increase your cultivate endurance by off-setting the construct of lactic acid in the muscle cell.

As a result, you will feel much less fatigued (1).


Taurine increases your hydration when you’re exercising.

It also boosts fat burn while performing cardio exercise.

When an unified with caffeine, it will also increase your power output (2).

Green Tea Extract

The ECGC’s in green Tea extract have actually a thermogenic effect, and also can also boost power output (3).


Quercetin is a natural energy booster with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

It can likewise increase mitochondria in the cell to increase endurance (4).

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine anhydrous is caffeine in concentrated form.

It is a stimulant that increases metabolism, boosts energy and burns human body fat.

Caffeine has actually been shown to boost training focus and also speed up the metabolism to burn fat much faster (5).

Who take away It?

Strong Girl Pre exercise is for women who desire to maximize their training energy, power and focus during a workout.

How to take it

Strong Girl recommend assessing your level of tolerance when you begin taking it.

On the an initial two days, mix one scoop of strong Girl v water and consume the 30-45 minutes prior to your workout. If you have no reactions, take it 2 scoops from day 3 onwards.

Side Effects

The caffeine in strong Girl Pre exercise may cause such reactions together jitteriness, headaches and also nausea.


Blend of scientifically proven productsWill boost workout energy.


No ingredients distinct to women.

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Strong Girl Pre Workout consists of some high quality ingredients the will execute their project to provide much more energy, focus and drive to your workout.

However, know there is nothing that marks this product together a women’s pre-workout, apart from the marketing.