If she looking come upgrade her cart bag for this year, look no further than the Sun mountain C 130.

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if there space a ton of choices in the market, Sun mountain is well-known for do high-quality golf products, especially stand and also cart bags. Not to mention, in 2018 the Sun hill C130 was named “Golf Digest editor choice” because that the finest cart bag in the game.

Not just is there a huge selection of colour the golf bag is super comfortable with lots of useful pockets. And did I cite it deserve to charge her phone and also bluetooth machine during the round?

Here’s everything you should know about the Sun hill C130 golf cart bag.


Sun hill C130 Review

In mine opinion, sunlight Mountain is just one of the best golf bag machines in the industry. They’ve been approximately a lengthy time and also have a solid track record for success. Once it comes to selecting the finest golf cart bag, you want to make sure and also evaluate the following:

Price: Obviously price is important and also some suppliers charge 1.5-2X much more than this golf bag.Weight: also though you no going to carry the bag, you might use v a press cart and also want it simple to transport. Plus, if you traveling v clubs you don’t desire it making friend flirt with the weight requirement.Divider System: One that the greatest perks of dare bags is the divider mechanism to separate clubs and also protect them. Stand bags don’t sell this.Storage and also Pockets: If you’re using a dare bag, this is one of the most crucial factors. Even if it is you’re save rain gear or bringing a couple of can drinks on the course, warehouse is another huge factor when picking a brand-new cart bag.

Features & benefits of the Sun hill C130

Here are few of the good benefits that the Sun mountain Bag:

Built-In power Bank

You heard the right, this bag comes through a built-in power financial institution that will enable you to charge your gadgets with a USB dual-port hookup. It comes v a Philips Power financial institution 7800 v a battery qualified of streaming music or charging a phone 3 times over.

The strength pack has two USB port so you can use for music and also for charging your phone at the same time. One is standard charging port while the other is quick charging system to rate it up. This is great if she using general practitioners on your phone or the golf cart doesn’t have actually one as well.

Huge color Selection

one of the biggest perks that the Sun mountain C130 is the different color schemes for your bag. There are six options total including:

All black designCobalt blue-blackChili red-gunmetalIron-gunmetal-gray-limeCamo style with an American flag ~ above the main storage pocketRed, white, and also blue themed (with one American flag emblem embroidered)

All that the shade designs are an extremely attractive to the eye and very easy come clean. Plus, none of the designs have much white therefore it’s minimal upkeep because that you.

Storage and also Pocket Design

Another huge factor when choosing a cart bag is the variety of pockets and also storage. This bag comes v eleven pockets and also two space full-length apparel pockets. It likewise comes through a ventilated cooler pocket to keep your drinks cold and a designated rangefinder pocket. Plus, it has actually two velour-lined pockets for your phone, watch, and also other valuables.

And as Sun hill said on your website, “All pockets are forward-facing come maximize availability when the bag is on a cart.” This will certainly make it simple to get every one of your gadgets, equipment or beverages the end of your cart easily.

Not to cite it’s …

Very reasonably pricedMatching rain hood for each design14 individual, full-length dividers to avoid your clubs native clanking approximately the whole roundOversized placing well come ensure that even the largest putting grips (like the Fatso 5.0) deserve to fit in the compartment.

Alternatives come the Sun mountain C130 Review

As ns mentioned, over there is no shortage of dare bags on the market. Below are some of the peak competitors:

Top Questions around the Sun mountain C130 cart Bag

What’s consisted of With the Sun mountain C130?

The dare bag come 100% prepared to go best out the the box. The comes through a equivalent rain hood and strap.

Does the newest model have actually a cooler with drainage holes?

Yes, the C130 does come v a cooler and two drain vents.

Does the bag have a kickstand or a seat?

No, that does not. If you desire those features, opt because that a stand bag or a design with a chair accessory.

How much does that weigh? What room the dimensions?

This design weighs 6.9 pounds.

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Final thoughts on the Sun hill Bag

The Sun mountain C130 is an all around great product the has whatever you’re trying to find in a golf cart bag. It’s light sufficient to make it basic to transfer to the auto and small enough come fit in take trip bags easily. Plus, it comes v a ton that storage, clean design, and an excellent club protection with the divider system.

My favorite component is the 360* transforming radius, simple fold up capacity and sleek design. Plus, v its huge storage compartment, it makes it one one awesome an option to obtain started walking.

Click right here to learn much more about this product and pick up your new golf dare bag today.