CBS\" \"Survivor David vs Goliath\" sees a complete evacuation of the tribes, to add the lose of a strength player in \"Jacket and Eggs.\"


Survivor: David vs. Goliath, “Jackets and Eggs.”>

Storms savaged Survivor: David vs. Goliath this week — in an ext ways than one. First, it came in the kind of a cyclone so serious that the entire actors was evacuated from their camps because that one evening. A second, less literal storm arrived later on in the illustration via Natalie Cole, alias “Natalie Napalm,” who feud over subjects as straightforward as jackets and also eggs led to her elimination from the game.

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The episode, accordingly titled “Jackets and Eggs,” featured dramatic moment in every corners the the David vs. Goliath universe: the previously mentioned cyclone, fallout from Alec Merlino turning on Natalia Azoqa and Dan “Hot Cop” Rengering gaining his hands on a 2nd hidden immunity idol, amongst other events. Yet the climactic action boiled down to boiling tensions between Natalie and her people mates — particularly Nick Wilson and also Lyrsa Torres of the David tribe, and filmmaker Mike White.

All 3 castaways to be rubbed the wrong means over Natalie’s forceful insistence on boil every single egg the tribe won throughout the week’s price challenge, and rubbed also worse once Natalie test to sway Nick and Lyrsa into providing up your jackets in bespeak to stay in the game.

“I’m in sales,” Natalie at some point reasoned as soon as pushed ~ above the concern at tribal Council. “I saw it together a negotiation, not bullying. It’s leverage.”


For his part, speaking v THR moments ~ the castaways launched right into the video game on work one, hold Jeff Probst guess Natalie would certainly either “get in deep, or she’s going come be gone fast.”

“The reason is the same in both cases,” he said. “She’s a very solid woman. She’s a 56-year-old black, successful woman that takes no grief from anybody — ‘If girlfriend think I’m going to be your mom? You space mistaken. I’m no a mom. I’m a woman out below playing Survivor.’ The problem might be other people might look in ~ her and want her to be the mom! once you’re that smart and also you’ve been with as much as she has … you’re used to . If civilization want she to hold their hand? There’s walk to it is in a collision.”

Indeed, a collision even emerged between Probst and also Natalie at Tribal Council, together they both butted top over your assessments that the outgoing Goliath.

“Natalie, i think I simply figured friend out,” Probst said close to the finish of tribal Council. “You constantly need the critical word. Is the fair?”

“No,” she replied. “Not always.”


In the final moments of defect Council, it wasn’t Natalie who ceded the last word. That honor belongs to Angelina Keeley, Natalie’s fellow Goliath and also Jabeni people mate, who had enlisted Natalie in the plot to take it Lyrsa and/or Nick’s coat (whichever among them went home) in stimulate to defend herself indigenous the cold and also dreary weather.

“I do think it come from a bright place,” Angelina said at lack Council, when compelled to confirm that she did undoubtedly ask Natalie come look right into snatching the jackets. “I think it come from love.”

The one making it through member the the tribe who didn’t actors a vote against Natalie, Angelina, hugged the eliminated contestant after the votes to be revealed. As Natalie surrendered she torch to Probst, Angelina piped up with one last pitch.

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“Natalie,” she dubbed out, “is there any way I can have your jacket?”

Natalie’s response? Stone-cold silence. A shivering Angelina quietly repeated the request v chattering teeth: “Natalie? Natalie?” yet to no avail. Natalie walked far from the game with she jacket steady in hand, also going so far regarding wear the while carrying her episode-closing confessional.

“I didn’t provide Angelina my jacket because I didn’t know if she was component of the reason why I’m out,” Natalie explained, speaking to camera complying with her elimination. “So why need to I? ns don’t have to. I chose not to. Therefore I’m wearing it.”