Picture a newborn baby wrapped snugly in a receiving blanket, just waiting to it is in cuddled. What far better way come celebrate a small pea in a pod, than through a sweet pea infant shower design template or pea in a pod infant shower theme!

A sweet pea shower template or pea in a pod infant shower theme is perfect to celebrate one of two people a baby boy or infant girl. The colour pink and green do an adorable mix for a little girl; the colors green and white room sweet because that a tiny boy; and the colors yellow and green occupational nicely if you don't understand the gender of the baby.

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Here space some sweet pea baby shower principles to create a pea themed shower that your guests — and also the mom-to-be — will certainly love!

Invitations: 4476mountvernon.com supplies a couple of variations the sweet pea baby shower invitations in different shade combinations. The invitation above is the yellow and also green version. This pea in the pod invitation is perfect for this infant shower theme! Send this digital invitation to your guests and easily monitor responses. Through your 4476mountvernon.com invitation, you can incorporate a map/directions come the shower, gift registry information, and also a post board to enable guests to comment leading up to the shower.Decorations: To produce sweet pea infant shower decorations, very first decorate the tables with a environment-friendly table skirt and white table cloth. Scatter teams of environment-friendly balloons around the room because that sweet pea shower decorations. Have a sweet pea mylar balloons in the center of the group, and have it surrounding by light green and white balloons for a boy, and light green and light pink balloons because that a girl. Adorn the expecting mom with a sash that says, “Mommy-to-Be.” If the party is in ~ a residence, cave a sign on the door the says, “Congratulations Sara and Mike on Your small Sweet Pea.” If the party is in a hall or venue, cave a banner ~ above the wall.Cake: use two various size one pans to make two sweet pea baby shower cakes. One cake pan should be large, and also the various other one small. The idea is to stack the smaller cake on optimal of the bigger cake. Frost the bottom cake in green, and also the optimal cake in white. Use environment-friendly frosting to create a pea pod in the center of the optimal cake. Over the pea pod write, “Welcome.” listed below the pea pod write, “Sweet Pea.” For infant showers with big guest lists, bake extr cupcakes to ensure everyone in attendance will have actually a sweet treat because that dessert. Frost the cupcakes through white frosting, and also create a pea pod top top top.Favors: Visit your local bath and perfume store and select miniature human body sprays and body lotions in the colour pink and also green or green and white. Select a light odor for the perfume and also lotion. Be certain to remain away indigenous overpowering aromas, as the soon-to-be Mom may be sensitive to solid odors. One more option is come order a “two peas in a pod” candle from an digital website. Both alternatives make adorable sweet pea infant shower favors.

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