def regEx1(): os.chdir("C:/Users/Luke/Desktop/myFiles") papers = os.listdir(".") os.mkdir("C:/Users/Luke/Desktop/FilesWithRegEx") regex_txt = input("Please go into the website your are looking for:") because that x in (files): inputFile = open((x), encoding = "utf8", "r") content = inputFile.close() regex = re.compile(regex_txt, re.IGNORECASE) if, content)is no None: shutil.copy(x, "C:/Users/Luke/Desktop/FilesWithRegEx")I obtain the adhering to error post which points come the an initial line ~ the because that loop.

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^SyntaxError: non-keyword arg ~ keyword argWhat is bring about this error?


It"s just what it says:

inputFile = open((x), encoding = "utf8", "r")You have specified encoding as a keyword argument, however "r" as a positional argument. Friend can"t have actually positional arguments after keyword arguments. Perhaps you wanted to do:

inputFile = open((x), "r", encoding = "utf8")


To really obtain this clear, here"s my for-beginners answer:You inputed the debates in the wrong order.A keyword argument has this style:

nullable=True, unique=FalseA fixed parameter need to be defined: True, False, etc.A non-keyword debate is different:

name="Ricardo", fruit="chontaduro" This syntax error asks girlfriend to an initial put name="Ricardo" and every one of its type (non-keyword) before those like nullable=True.

python keywordnon-keywordsyntax-error


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