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London leg Is Falling under (Full Audio and also Lyrics)

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London bridge is falling down Falling down, falling down London bridge is falling under My fair Lady. take a key and lock she up Lock her up, lock she up take it a crucial and lock her up My fair Lady just how will we construct it up? develop it up, construct it up? how will we construct it up? My fair Lady build it up with gold and silver Gold and also silver, gold and silver construct it up with gold and also silver My same Lady Gold and also Silver I have none I have actually none, I have actually none Gold and Silver I have actually none My fair Lady build it up with Pins and also Needles Pins and Needles, Pins and Needles build it up through Pins and also Needles My same Lady Pins and also Needles bend and break Bend and break, bend and break Pins and also Needles bend and also break My same Lady build it up through wood and also clay Wood and also clay, wood and clay build it up v wood and clay My same Lady Wood and clay will certainly wash away wash away, to wash away Wood and clay will certainly wash far My fair Lady build it increase with rock so strong stone so strong, rock so solid Build it increase with rock so strong My fair Lady stone so strong will critical so long Last therefore long, critical so long stone so solid will last so long My fair Lady Words & Music: TraditionalArrangement: Ian J WattsOrchestral Arrangement: rick Benbow

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Origin and background

This nursery rhyme refers to the historic bridge the connects the City the London and also Southwark. In ~ this location there has actually been a bridge since an ext than 2000 years, very first built of timber by the Romans, around the year 50 BC.It is reported the it to be torched in 1014 during the attack of the Danes, however we might assume the it has actually collapsed much more than one time throughout the 1,000 years before that incident. Over there are other destructions reported from 1091 and 1136. So there definitely is a historical core to the element of the bridge \"falling down\". However there is one more aspect: The various kind of product that is said throughout the song to build up the leg again. The song says that over there was some disagreement about the materials to it is in used. There is no historic proof for that discussion and also indeed that doesn\"t seem come be very reasonable to usage gold and also silver to build a bridge. So it is quite most likely that all various kind of materials are said in order come teach the youngsters the different quality of assorted materials. And also indeed the building and construction of 1209 to be made of stone according come the critical verse of the rhyme. However what around the city \"Take a an essential and look she up\"? \"There is a concept that superstition in those work demanded because that a kid or a virgin to it is in locked within the foundation in order to make the leg remain yet there is no historical proof for it. More realistic is the theory about the \"Fair Lady\" pointed out in the nursery rhyme. This seems to refer to Queen Eleanor de Provence who had actually custody of the bridge revenues from 1269.

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A port of the revenue should have been supplied to preserve the bridge however obviously something go wrong at some time.