Season 7 illustration 10 - choose Your battles

Kailyn functions on her partnership with Vee; Cole bring away Aubree come a father-daughter dance; Jenelle seeks aid in brand-new York because that mysterious medical ailments; and Leah and also Corey"s co-parenting is not correct by a disturbing video. Air day : 23rd-May-2016

Season 7 illustration 1 - here We walk Again

Nathan endangers Jenelle with felony charges. Leah gets sad news about Ali while wait to hear if she loses custody of the twins. Kailyn tries come rebuild her partnership with Jo however hurts things with Javi. Air date : 21st-Mar-2016Read More

Season 7 illustration 2 - In the Dark

When Nathan bring away Kaiser ~ above an unanticipated trip, Jenelle do the efforts to charge him with kidnapping. Leah anxiously awaits word from the court however Corey receives the verdict of your custody case. Air date : 28th-Mar-2016Read More

Season 7 episode 3 - breaking Apart

Leah obtain the verdict of she custody case. A large fight destroys Kailyn and Jo’s put in order friendship. Jenelle introduce her new boyfriend come Barb. Chelsea is outraged by something Adam articles online. Air date : 4th-Apr-2016Read More

Season 7 episode 4 - Iced the end

Kailyn and Javi obtain some poor news around his job. Leah blames Corey because that confusing the twins through their new custody arrangement. Barbara is concerned about Jenelle"s brand-new boyfriend. Chelsea and also Cole take a major step together. Air date : 11th-Apr-2016Read More

Season 7 episode 5 - No accessibility

Cole has actually a huge surprise for Chelsea. Kailyn expose a huge an enig that"s been weighing top top her and Javi. Jenelle is required to challenge her assault charges against Nathan"s girlfriend. Air day : 11th-Apr-2016Read More

Season 7 episode 6 - hindsight

Leah considers reuniting v Jeremy; Isaac battles with Javi"s imminent deployment; Jenelle"s birthday trip to brand-new York is ruined by Nathan; Chelsea and also Cole celebrate your engagement; and Aubree has sad news about Adam. Air date : 18th-Apr-2016Read More

Season 7 episode 7 - man of the house

Javi states a tearful goodbye to his family before deployment. Jenelle meets with Nathan, fueling David"s jealousy. Corey and also Leah face-off in ~ Ali"s physicians appointment. Chelsea and Cole debate an altering Aubree"s critical name. Air date : 25th-Apr-2016Read More

Season 7 illustration 8 - Didn"t median It

Leah and also Cory fight in court because that custody the the twins. Jenelle agrees to let Nathan check out Kaiser and David volunteer to be their call person. Kailyn struggles to assist Isaac while the misses Javi. Air day : 2nd-May-2016Read More

Season 7 illustration 9 - While girlfriend Were out

Barbara and David confront off end Jenelle, resulting in a 911 call. Aubree gets a new accessory. Kailyn and also Javi battle with his deployment. Leah gets troubling news about custody. Air day : 16th-May-2016Read More

Season 7 episode 10 - choose Your war

Kailyn works on her partnership with Vee; Cole takes Aubree to a father-daughter dance; Jenelle seeks assist in new York because that mysterious clinical ailments; and Leah and also Corey"s co-parenting is shattered by a mental video. Air date : 23rd-May-2016Read More

Season 7 illustration 11 - turn the page

Jenelle"s clinical woes lead to a devastating fight with Barbara. Leah and Miranda make amends. Aubree autumn a large question top top Adam. Kailyn rebuilds her partnership with Jo yet distances it s her from Javi. Air day : 30th-May-2016Read More

Season 7 illustration 12 - unable to do Fishing

An emotionally meltdown end Barb ruins Jenelle’s fun day with her sons. Kailyn and Javi’s marital relationship is dangerously close to divorce. Chelsea celebrates milestones with Aubree. Air day : 6th-Jun-2016Read More

Season 7 episode 13 - breaking the wall

Jenelle deals with Nathan and also his girlfriend in court because that her assault trial. Aubree goes dress shopping for Chelsea and also Cole"s wedding, if Adam airs part frustrations. Jeremy has to leave town, much to Addie and also Leah’s dismay. Air day : 2nd-Jan-2017Read More

Season 7 illustration 14 - Deja Vu

Leah struggles with Addie absent her father. Chelsea meets with Adam"s ex. Jenelle and Nathan confront off in court end custody the Kaiser. Kailyn beginning summer institution with some extra assist from Jo. Air date : 9th-Jan-2017Read More

Season 7 episode 15 - 100

Nessa sits down v the Moms and also look earlier at several of the never prior to seen clip from the past season. Air date : 11th-Jan-2017Read More

Season 7 illustration 16 - Homecoming

Javi returns residence from deployment with combined reactions. ~ a overwhelming devastates West Virginia, Jeremy and also Leah have trouble communicating. Chelsea really hopes her doctors visit goes fine so she can lastly make the baby announcement. Air date : 16th-Jan-2017Read More

Season 7 illustration 17 - Privacy please

Jenelle and also David keep some large news under wraps. Kailyn and also Javi adjust to their brand-new relationship. Jeremy isn"t happy about Leah"s vacation plans. Chelsea finds the end Adam is behind on child support. Air day : 23rd-Jan-2017Read More

Season 7 illustration 18 - Heartache

Javi and Kailyn get into a substantial fight after ~ he shows up unannounced. Jenelle tries to keep her pregnant a mystery from Barbara. Chelsea and also Cole inquiry postponing your wedding. Air date : 30th-Jan-2017Read More

Season 7 illustration 19 - critical to know

Jenelle discover her pregnant to Barbara and Jace. Aubree starts first grade. Jo co-parents Isaac through both Kailyn and Javi. Leah and also her daughters take a girls pilgrimage to California. Air day : 6th-Feb-2017Read More

Season 7 illustration 20 - Fake the end

Leah receives some surprise news indigenous Ali"s doctor around Aleeah. Jenelle thinks Nathan is trying to success her earlier and David isn"t having actually it. Kailyn and also Isaac start school yet the included pressure causes strife between Jo and also Vee. Air day : 13th-Feb-2017Read More

Season 7 episode 21 - ns Don"t Wanna Talk about It

Jenelle prepares for she upcoming court date after obtaining some how amazing news about Nathan. Chelsea celebrate Aubree"s seventh birthday. Jeremy returns house from south Dakota. Kailyn and Javi"s future is up in the air. Air day : 20th-Feb-2017Read More

Season 7 illustration 22 - short Blows

Divorce mediation leader to disagreements outside the courthouse for Kailyn and also Javi; Chelsea officially reveals her baby"s gender and Leah finds out that Jeremy is engaged. Air date : 27th-Feb-2017Read More

Season 7 illustration 23 - all set or not

Jenelle reaches she boiling suggest with Barbara. Chelsea and also Cole include a short-term member to their family. Kailyn and also Javi face off. Leah is compelled to do a difficult decision around beauty school. Air date : 6th-Mar-2017Read More

Season 7 episode 24 - Cherries and Flowers

Chelsea and also Cole tie the knot. Kailyn and also Javi try to do amends. Leah prepares because that a new chapter in she life. Kaiser start preschool while Nathan share shocking news Air day : 13th-Mar-2017Read More

Season 7 illustration 25 - Behind the scenes

In an expanded two-hour episode, the girls and their households travel to Los Angeles for a "Teen mommy 2" reunion and the drama follows. Jenelle and also Barbara"s on stage feud leads to a backstage blowout and also after reconciling with Javi, Kailyn is blindsided by allegations. Air date : 20th-Mar-2017Read More

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