These mattresses have been stop from Tempur-Pedic. We"ll leave the evaluation posted for historic reference. 

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The TEMPUR-Cloud luxury Breeze is a super soft mattress that’s rated fine for most sleepers in our testing (see the details below.) it’s the top model in the Cloud Collection, and also it also includes the extra cooling Breeze feature – the comes v the $1,000 upcharge.

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Comfort range Rating

The Cloud luxury Breeze mattress has a softer feeling; we rate it 7 on ours 10 point Comfort scale (a 1 is hard, 10 is softest.)

Expert video Review

Here’s our fast Cloud luxury Breeze video clip Review. It highlights the features, benefits and our impression.

Pros & Cons

Premium Tempur ES and also HD quality foams and materialsSmartClimate attribute to assist keep the bed coolerMinimal activity transferRemovable washable coverHighly rated in client reviewsTrusted brand - durable products with long track recordExpensive in ~ $4,799 because that a queen size, and also $5,499 king size (just mattress price)Soft feeling, so it’s only for world who choose soft mattressesCan take it a couple weeks because that the foam to rest in and also it can also take some days for the foam odor to dissipate

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Pressure test Results

We’ve pressure experiment the Cloud luxury Breeze mattress with different body sizes and also sleeping positions to check out what kind of support and comfort you deserve to expect. (Learn just how we test.) It experiment well, rating “Good” for every body varieties and sleeping positions. Although we didn’t rate it “Recommend” from our testing, us wouldn’t discourage you from choosing it. We choose to view weight that’s spread into the foot for more support there, yet in this case, since it’s such a soft mattress, the probably explains why the load is an ext in the back. Even though that’s exactly how it is, the load on the back is still spread well v very little excess pressure.

LARGE civilization Largest 10% of adult 210-273 lbs
Avg Pressure:21mmHg - Area:624inches2
Avg Pressure:24mmHg - Area:571inches2
AVERAGE people Middle 50% of adult 134-218 lbs
Avg Pressure:20mmHg - Area:580inches2
Avg Pressure:23mmHg - Area:513inches2
PETITE civilization Smallest 10% of adult 111-135 lbs
Avg Pressure:18mmHg - Area:388inches2
Avg Pressure:23mmHg - Area:351inches2

The main Luxe attributes in Detail


A. Cooling Cover

On top is a breathable, light load cover that’s infused v cooling material. It’s additionally a zip-off removable sheathe for easy washing, through a double zipper girlfriend can accessibility from any side.

B. Lull Layer

The luxe Breeze infuses PureCool material right into soft TEMPUR-ES material to draw excess warmth out and also keep the bed feeling cool.

C. Support Layer

The support layer is do of TEMPUR Climate product to help spread your weight throughout the mattress and it likewise has the building to aid pull heat away.

D. Base Layer

The base layer supports every the great above.

Comfort Depth Video

We also measured how far your hips and also shoulders sink right into the Cloud luxe Breeze mattress with various body types.

Jed"s lull View
Jill"s lull View
Andrew"s lull View


The luxury Breeze mattress has a 10 year warranty against factory defects (non-prorated, which is a good thing since it’s a 100% warranty for the 10 years.)

More around Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic produced the storage foam mattress group here in the U.S. Started in 1992, lock continually prospered until they came to be a family name and large enough to buy the Sealy Mattress Company. They’re currently a public company called Tempur-Sealy and sell mattresses worldwide.

There are 2 crucial points that differentiation vs other foam mattresses. First, Tempur-Pedic in reality designs and also manufactures your foam components and also mattresses. This speak to their degree of specialization (most foam mattress brand buy components from suppliers).

Secondly, Tempur-Pedic has always created premium products. Together in any kind of industry, over there are suppliers that make cheaper priced, lower quality products, and those that make greater quality, higher priced products. Tempur-Pedic has constantly made higher top quality mattresses making use of premium materials and also manufacturing standards. The success of their mattresses, and also long running reputation because that quality, propelled their company to be the biggest in the world.


The Cloud luxe Breeze is the height of the heat bed in the Cloud Collection. It additionally comes with a $1,000 premium end the non-Breeze design costing $4,799 in queen size and also $5,499 in king (just for the mattress without the structure or base.) The contouring and also support is really an excellent for back sleepers and reasonably great for side sleepers. The bed excelled in our press mapping trial and error with ago sleepers. The added Breeze cooling functions mitigate the common heat complaints some world have v memory foam beds. It’s an expensive mattress however one the does provide on the expectations at that price, particularly for back sleepers.

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lull Padding LayersPureCool™ Technology2 1/2"" TEMPUR-ES2 1/2"" TEMPUR-Climate Material WarrantyNo Flip, No Rotate10 Year non-prorated warranty against manufacturer"s defects Quilt height of MattressInnovative phase-change cooling material infused in fabricLightweight, breathable cloth featuring repertoire patternGrey upholstery Recommended because that Side Sleepers who Weigh210-273 lbs134-218 lbs111-135 lbs recommended For back Sleepers who Weigh210-273 lbs134-218 lbs111-135 lbs

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