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This story has actually 178 chapters at the time of writing this. The seems like it could be long. Well, You would certainly be right due to the fact that this is among the most boring stories i'v read. Particularly with something together epic as Dragons gift in this. Me and fifty percent the comments had actually resorted to just picking personally the story in the comments due to the fact that there's nothing of interest happening. Honestly, girlfriend can't help but start picking personal every plot hole and also every worry with the since nothing happens. My god and i'm not also kidding but at least fifty percent this story chapters is just about our Stupid MC life his day come day life. Ask yourself this. Would you choose to review an Epic around Dragons and hero's ? Or would you choose to review a story around a Dragon discovering Pottery ? well if you picked the previous then you can fuck yourself cause we're acquiring that pottery lessons any type of day no Story ranges from terrible stuff favor the aforementioned Pottery lessons come listening come the MC talk about what he will certainly do instead of him in reality doing. May not it is in so bad, however the writer has this last because that 5 or more chapters every time we then gain to the biggest issue or one of the biggest issues. The MC is retarded. Posesthe we acquire some scenes wherein he has the chance to to death off a huge Centipede at low health yet he decides that is the time to run away. This dude does few of the most senseless stuff. His reasoning is awful and he forgets that he has actually these skills for end 80 chapters and hasn't even used them. We also get part scenes whereby he is stuck and there is an adversary out that his claws reach, but he has actually these long selection attacks but decides not to usage them.I can't also properly describe why this MC is for this reason dumb. It's something you'd have to actually review yourself come understand.What's worse is that he is such a much better character in the Manga. Yet in this he's just retarded. Things favor him trying to be friendly come a human being settlement even though all proof has spicy to that being impossible. I come in believing the this would be a story about a person reincarnating as a Dragon befriending a human girl. However we don't also get any kind of actual interaction tell roughly chapter 40 or 50 if ns remember. It can even be 70 however i'm not sure. This story also has an terrible habit of developing these personalities just so they deserve to be used for the plots convenience and then thrown away and never to be watched again. We had two high course adventures that come investigating a missing person in the forest and also comes across the Dragon. Yet they are never used again. They had actually no purpose and also was simply forgotten. It honestly comes across as the author wanting to carry out something through them yet just forget them.Hell, The entire reason why the MC is over there in the an initial place doesn't make sense. He has actually amnesia ( Plot Writers best friend ) and remembers nothing around his vault life. However we do recognize that part god or something is the reason regarding why the is there. We watch one part where the god thought he was gonna die. For this reason the god decides to simply break his entire radio silence feeling the start and also just tell our MC that he's fucking off cause he thinks the MC is gonna die. Not only is this stupid and awful. Yet this never ever comes earlier into place and the story seems to forget all about it.Something else the me and everyone else were constantly pointing out. Is the the writer seemed to have actually forgotten the the MC has these an abilities ( Like previously mentioned ) yet the writer seems to forget a ton that stuff. We at some point get the MC relocating to someplace new. It's a dessert. This have the right to be fun. The MC is a Dragon and also the Dessert hold a lot of possibilities. Yet then we are introduced to the Rabbit, an awful brand-new character the isn't funny or charming or even adorable. This by itself isn't enough to destroy this section of the story. We space later introduced to some fat ass in a carriage gift chased by a large Centipede. The MC decides come help. Yet for awhile the is just following and watching. Also when the fat ass starts cram out servants to sluggish down the Centipede the doesn't hurry. Even when children are being thrown the end he doesn't help. That takes the a ungodly amount of time to avoid the carriage. However he fucks that up. Therefore no only does the let more then 0 innocent human being get kill yet he also manages come screw up capturing the Carriage. This by itself isn't poor enough to ruin this section of the story. We even get one of 4 likable characters this entire story.What really ruins this story is the "Hero" now i witnessed some world like him. I deserve to see why. Through him on display the story is actually kind of interesting for a bit. However he is one of the worst made characters i'v watched in current time. That puts Disney moustache twirling villains come shame. The is because that no factor evil. The is an horrible character. Not just in the feeling that he is the poor guy. However he is together a badly made character that it's difficult for me to gain this section and it also ruins mine opinion of the remainder of the story. The truth that he has the title of Hero and also other shit is obnoxious. Him being bale to defeat the our MC in just one fight is stupid. They accumulated this battle and it ended in just one hit. The "Hero" tries raping among the only good characters and then later captures her. The stupid "Hero" Let's nature kill of the Dragon instead of finishing him turn off himself. Favor why ? No factor to execute it.Now the MC has a deadline to level up and also get prepared to win the Hero in just 4 days!! Sounds choose it might be exciting right ? fine that's not correct as quickly as friend remember that this entire thing would never have actually happened if the MC wasn't one idiot.I could go top top with much more and much more about why this is a negative story. But i want to cut this short before i finish up composing a testimonial that rivals The Bible.I don't choose doing this. I'm much more someone the will endure through a story in really hopes that i find something one-of-a-kind of a story. Yet with this i can't. Ns am dropping this.Never have i said this for a story as well as my evaluation for Boku wa Mari no Naka. Yet Do not read this. I uncover this come be one of the most insultingly bland stories i'v read. Ns can't carry out it anymore. Currently the Manga appeared pretty fun however if it follows the story prefer the novel climate i will be dropping the too.