Megan took the plunge on The setup Season 2 episode 5 when she made decision to meet with Zach"s friends that seem to be on her very same wavelength. 

Gabe and also Gail are still members the IHM, but they don"t favor Terence and want to bring him down, similar to Megan. 

But can they it is in trusted?


It was reassuring that Gail was together suspicious of Megan together Megan was of them. It"s a tricky business, yet Gabe to be right once he stated they have to prevent living in fear. 

It still could be an elaborate setup by Terence to view what"s increase Megan"s sleeve, but at this point, Gail and also Gabe seem come be telling the truth. They space as disgusted v Terence as Megan.

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Megan is tired of Terence managing Kyle"s life. Kyle is probably tired of Terence controlling his life, but he doesn"t know just how to acquire out indigenous under Terence"s thumb.

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He still feels that owes every little thing to Terence and doesn"t desire to execute anything to upset the balance. 

Kyle sees points through Megan"s new eyes. Terence might have assisted Kyle redefine his narrative, however everything Kyle has become has been due to the fact that of himself. Terence has actually just been riding Kyle"s coattails.

Megan is walking to have actually a difficult time convincing Kyle the that, though. That loves her, however he"s faithful to Terence also if he doesn"t constantly agree with him or like what Terence is law (or forcing on him).


Having Megan and also Kyle perform an interview on national TV about IHM was a means for Terence to spread his wings. He wants to be as far-ranging as Jesus. It"s a assumed that has actually crossed his mind, but it wasn"t until he to be at Shaun"s church the it yes, really sunk in.

He wants to be everyone"s end all, be all. 

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When Deann provided him some comprehensive information around Mason, that was not happy the she had her very own life outside of theirs also though they had actually an open relationship. What bothered him wasn"t so much that she had an affair however how noticeable it was that Deann loved the other woman.

It was a love that he was lacking from her. She love for Mason came before Deann ever met Terence and that"s most likely what bothered him most of all.

He additionally wasn"t also thrilled with her pass Mason"s son into the fold. And also he certainly didn"t prefer that Deann wasn"t also keen on bringing Wes into the IHM fold.

What that supposed to Terence was the he didn"t have actually full control of Deann favor he thought he did. She was still holding on to a part of her past that made she happy. She hadn"t totally given up everything and created a new narrative choose he believed she did.


If she can keep that hidden, what else might she it is in hiding?

He is worried that he"s shedding his touch. That didn"t view Deann"s surprise life. He can"t figure out what"s walk on through Megan. He"s losing manage of Kyle since of Megan.

Basically, Terence"s life is fall apart. His structure is crumbling just as he told Shaun, yet being at church is likewise going to renew him just as Shaun told him.

They"re walking to gain closer and also closer, and Shaun is walk to expose all kinds of Megan"s secrets.

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Megan doesn"t have anyone else on the within to acquire information for her to carry Terence down, but Megan needs to open her eyes and see the Shaun is no longer on the very same page.

Shaun is in Terence"s civilization right now. Shaun doesn"t know it, but she"s in love through her boss. It"s clear as day and Terence is going to realize it soon and also use it to his advantage.

I still believe that Shaun is walking to end up having Terence"s baby. Over there is a relationship brewing there, it just needs a little bit more fire.


I"m not all that into the Xavier and Megan affair storyline. She doesn"t it seems ~ that right into him yet Kyle"s nervousness around Xavier"s feelings because that Megan are valid. 

He won"t it is in able to resolve another breakup and also his career can suffer for it as well. The knows just how easy the is to loss into an affair in Hollywood, and also with Megan"s naivete, knows it"s a possibility for her to autumn for Xavier.

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Megan genuinely seemed shocked at Nacine"s revelations at the beach, and also I have to wonder if this is another setup through Terence.