Unfortunately, the emotional trailer for The bolder Type‘s new season wasn’t a misdirect: during Thursday’s episode, freshly pregnant Sutton and also her husband Richard suffer a heartbreaking loss once they walk for their first ultrasound. At the appointment, the doctor informs the expectant parents that their baby doesn’t have actually a heartbeat and also that Sutton will have actually a miscarriage in ~ the next 48 hours.

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Richard is wonderfully donate — he just offered her a baby book that morning as a gift, sniff! — if Kat and also Jane store tabs on your friend. Sutton privately busies herself in work-related by acquisition on a stylist job, dressing a 4-year-old because that his kindergarten graduation. “I have to do it since I don’t feeling anything,” she explains to Kat and Jane. “I just keep wait for this tidal tide of emotions come hit me. I’m not angry or mad or sad or any of the things that you’re claimed to be around a miscarriage. Ns feel numb, and also I really don’t want to feel numb, therefore I’m gonna go dress this little boy. Probably then…” She’ll feel something, Kat finishes.

Of course, if Sutton is bonding v the cute child, that adorably many thanks her because that making him feeling important, she beginning to endure painful cramps. In ~ home, she apologizes come Richard, who reassures his crying wife that what’s happening isn’t she fault. However there appears to be much more that she isn’t saying.

Meanwhile, Kat and also Jane obtain a message from Sutton: “I need you guys.” lock rush end to discover her in tears on the couch. As the girls shot to comfort your pal, Sutton confesses that she feels relieved that she isn’t having the baby. She marvels if that provides her a terrible person. It doesn’t, Kat and Jane respond together they embrace an emotional Sutton.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Jane’s libido returns, however when the male she’s hooking up through starts to feel her up, she freaks out. Despite having exorbitant friends, she quiet feels alone in what she’s going through after her mastectomy, therefore Scott advises she to uncover a team of human being who understand her struggles, i m sorry she does.

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* Kat pitches one interview podcast to The Belle’s brass, v the wishes of make a difference. But with her funds low, she needs to sell off she belongings come buy tools for the check podcast. (Don’t worry, woman rescues she beloved couch.)

* After finding out that Jacqueline rekindled things with she ex-boyfriend during their separation, her husband sets the end to prove that he, too, watch her, through a romantic photo shoot.

Were girlfriend surprised by Sutton’s catastrophic loss? how do girlfriend think she confession will affect her marriage? fight the comments v your thoughts!