Drawing ~ above his comprehensive experience evaluating applicants for his marketing agency, and also featuring stories based on real-life situations, sample sheathe letters, resumes, and also straightforward advice, Don Raskin’sThe Dirty little Secrets of acquiring Your Dream Joboffers every the essential tools because that navigating the challenging job market and also securing your dream job.Don Raskin owns and operates MME, one advertising and also marketing company in new York City. During his twenty-five year at the firm he has interviewed hundreds of new college graduates because that positions in ~ his company and has actually placed a solid emphasis top top entry-level recruitment for positions in creative, account management, traffic, and also production. Raskin has also mentored plenty of students and their parents on ideal practices because that the project search. Over the years, Raskin has actually kept exceptionally detailed notes top top the interviews he has conducted, observing the good, the bad, the ridiculous, the irreverent. He likewise has a endowment trove of over-the-top sheathe letters, resumes, interviews, and post interview follow-ups he has actually conducted and also received. Now, he desires to share all the wisdom and also insider tricks he has gathered to help students and also first-time task seekers find a job in this economy. based upon his remarkable expertise, Raskin's publication provides exclusive understanding into the job search procedure and allows readers in on all of the dirty little secrets to landing their very first job—or a new one—and finding career success.

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Don Raskingraduated from Syracuse University v an MBA in marketing and went to work-related in brand administration for unilever in new York City. Raskin worked on number of health and beauty brands because that Unilever before moving on come Whitehall Laboratories to work in brand-new products and on the Advil brand. After 7 years in marketing on the customer side, Raskin go to occupational at The Howard Marlboro Group, a department of the Saatchi and also Saatchi advertising agency. In January of 1990, Raskin and also two various other executives indigenous The Howard Marlboro team left to form their own agency MME, an advertising and marketing agency that works with several of the world’s most renowned brands.

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Situated on Park way in brand-new York City, MME’s client roster has Maxell corporation of America, Nathan’s Famous, Moet Hennessey U.S.A., E.T. Browne Drug company (Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula), Denihan Hospitality Group and Victoria fine Foods, to surname a few.