The street traveled by things divided by the moment it take away to travel that distance is called
average speed
In order to recognize speed, you must knowtime and distance
What is the speed and also velocity is the velocity includesdirection
What is the rate of things at rest?0 km/h
Whenever an item is stand still, the value(s) that is/are always zero is/are...

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speed, momentum, velocity
Acceleration is characterized as the readjust in velocity split by ...time
The SI unit acceleration is...m/s2
On a velocity-time graph, a line with a an unfavorable slope indicates that the thing isslowing down
When the velocity of an object changes, the is acted top top by aforce
The combination of all the forces acting on an object is callednet force
If the netforce on an object is zero, then the object hasbalanced forces
A tug-of-war that outcomes in one team pulling the other across the line is an instance ofunbalanced forces
Friction is defined asforce that opposes motion between two surfaces that space touching
A force is continuously used to things , bring about it come accelerate. After a duration of time, however, the object stops accelerating. What conclusions have the right to be drawn?The object is experiencing friction
Weight is explained asthe downward force exerted top top objects because of gravity
When objects space moved more apart from every other, the pressure of gravity...decreases
The regulation that states that every thing maintains constant velocity unless acted ~ above by an unbalanced force isNewton's first law the motion
The legislation that claims for every activity there is one equal and also opposite reaction isNewton's third law that motion
The SI unit of pressure names for the scientist who explained the relationship in between motion and force is referred to as thenewton
Which the the following units is offered to measure acceleration in free fall?m/s2
When air resistance balances the weight of things that is falling, the velocityremains constant
A maker is a machine thatcan multiply and readjust the direction the an input force
A very first class bar hasthe fulcrum in the middle
A wheelbarrow is an instance of asecond course lever
What is the mechanical benefit of a single fixed pulley?1
What is the mechanical advantage of a solitary movable pulley?2
An inclined planeChanges magnitude and direction force
Gravitational potential energy does not count on thevolume the the object
The kind of energy associated with atomic bonds ischemical energy
The primary resource of the sun's energy isnuclear fusion
A pair that tweeezers isa compound device made that two third class levers
The regulation of conservation of power states thatenergy can neither be developed or destroyed
Temperature is notmeasured through triple beam balance
As the kinetic power of the molecule in a substance increases, thetemperature that the problem increases
The deliver of energu together head led to bu the collision if molecule is calledconvections
Energy native the sun reaches earth byradiation only
Convection currents climb in the wait becausecool waiting descends and hot air rises
Which an approach of power transfer does no involve movement of matter?radiation
According come the first law of thermodynamics,the full energy supplied in any process is conserved
In an wait conditioner, a substance that quickly evaporates and also condenses is offered to transfer energy from a room to the wait outside. Once the problem evaporates,it transfers power as warm to the bordering air.
The fahrenheit temp. Range is definesd by...water boiling at 212 degrees and freezing in ~ 32 degrees
A cold blooded reptile basks top top a heat rock in the sun. Its body is warmed byradiation, conduction, convection
Sound wavesrequire a medium
Light wavesare electromagnetic waves
Water wavestransport energy yet not water
The medium seismic waves travel with isrocks and other materials inside Earth
Sound waves aretransverse waves
Light tide arelongitudinal waves
Water waves aremechanical waves
A human is was standing still and also listening to a siren sound an alarm. The frequency of the sound is 500 Hz. The person begins running towards the sound in ~ a price of 20 m/s. The frequency that the sound the human hears willincrease
The frequency of a sound wave determinesthe pitch of the sound
How according to a sound is relies onthe amplitude of the waves
The color of light is identified by____ of irradiate wavesthe frequency
A _____ is a an excellent mathematical version for representing transverse wavessine curve
Sound travels fastest insea water
The strongness of a sound describesits loudness in ~ a particular distance
The pitch of a sound is most very closely related to thefrequency that vibrations
Resonance describes an impact in i beg your pardon thevibration of one thing causes an additional object come vibrate at herbal frequencies
A sonar system steps distance by identify thetime that takes because that sound waves to bounce turn off a surface
A sonar system actions distance by identify thetime the takes because that sound tide to bounce off a surface
An ultrasound device can create images of human body structures due to the fact that of soundwavestravel at different speeds through products of various densities
The particle version of light defines how irradiate cantravel without a medium
The quantity of energy in a photon of light is proportional to thefrequency the the matching light wave
The price at i m sorry light energy flows through a given area of room is referred to as itsintensity
When irradiate rays reflect off a rough surface, theyscatter in plenty of different directions
The law of reflection states that when light beam reflect turn off a surface the edge of incidenceequals the angle of reflection
An photo that outcomes from an noticeable path of light rays is calleda online image
An orange looks orange because itreflects orange light and absorbs other colors
You look at a red tulip with eco-friendly leaves under environment-friendly light, what would you see?a black flower with eco-friendly leaves
the color that an item appears come be depends on thewavelengths the light that the thing reflects
When light moves native a product in i beg your pardon its rate is higher to a product in i beg your pardon its speed it greater to a product in i m sorry its speed it slower, that isbent away from normal
A virtual picture caused by enjoy of light in the atmosphere is called...a mirror
Light that enters one finish of a fiber optic cable reaches the other end by method of...

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total internal reflection
Light rays that pass v a lens change direction becausethey are refracted
The result in which light seperates into different colors is calleddispersion
White light division up into various colors when it passes through a prism since ofdifferences in wave speed
There is a repulsive force between two charged objects whenCharges room of favor signs
There is one attractive force between two charged objects whencharges space of unequal sign
When a glass pole is rubbed with silk and also becomes positive chargedelectrons are gotten rid of from the rod
When there is an same amount the positibe and an unfavorable charges on one object, the object isneutral
The electric forve between charged objects iseither attractive or repulsive
Electric force varies depending upon thecharge and also distance in between charged objects
Electric charged bit producesan electric field
Electric ar lines indicateboth direction and also relative strength
Potential difference is measured involts
Batteries generally haveone positive and also one negative terminal
Current is the rate at i beg your pardon charges move through aconductor
Potential distinctions causeelectrons to move from the an adverse terminal come the optimistic terminal
The brightness that a light bulb is identified by that is filament'sresistance
Resistance is led to byfriction
The SI unit of resistance is theohm
Whether or not charges will move depends partially on just how tightly ___________ are hosted in the atoms of the materialelectrons
The resistance of an insulator ishigh
What happens to the resistance the a superconductor once its temperature drops below the an important temperature?resistance drops to zero
Appliances associated so the they form a solitary pathway because that charges to flow are associated in aseries circuit
What wake up to the overall resistance that a circuit when too numerous appliances room connected across a 120 V outlet?resistance is decreased
A an equipment that protects a circuit from present overload is called acircuit breaker
An example of a normally occuring magnetic absent is alodestone
Magneticall soft substanceslose their magnetism an ext easily then others
The north pole the a magnet will be repelled bythe phibìc pole of one more magnet
Like magnet poles alwaysrepel
The magnetism the a item of magnetized iron deserve to be weakened byheating the iron and also hammering it
The stamin of a magnetic fielddecreases as street from the magnet increases
What product was used to make the an initial compass?lodestone
What tool is supplied to trace the direction the a magnetic field?compass
What causes a compass needle to point to geographical north pole?The compass needle aligns v Earth's magnetic field
Earth's magnetic poles are located in...Canada and Antarctica
Magnetic areas are created bymagnetic force
A magnetic field about a present carrying wire formslines parallel come the wire
The strength of the magnetic field created by existing in a wire deserve to be safely increased bywrapping the wire into a coil
The toughness of the magnetic ar in a solenoid have the right to be enhanced byinserting an steel rod with the facility of the solenoid
In a magnetized substances, the domainsline up
Which orientation characterizes the magnetic domains in one unmagnetized piece of iron?random
When an steel rod is put into a solenoid's center, the magnetic field created by the existing in the loopscauses alignment the the domainsin the iron
A potential difference causeselectrons to move from the positive terminal to the negative terminal the a battery
A an equipment that converts electric energy into mechanical power is anelectric motor
An electrical motor and a generator are comparable in the bothtransform energy into a different form
Pushing a magnet v an electrical field needs work. The higher the electric fieldthe stronger the force required to press the magnet through the electrical field
When a charge moves follow me or the contrary the direction of the magnetic field lines, the magnetic pressure is0
When a wire is moving perpendicular come a magnetic field, the force on the charges isat a minimum
Generators convertmechanical power into electrical energy
In one AC generator, once charges experience the maximum magnetic force,the current is zero
When a cable is moving parallel to a magnetic field,maximum existing is induced in the wire
Light travel aselectromagnetic waves
Both electrical and also magnetic areas in one electromagnetic wave areperpendicular to the direction the the wave travels
Transformers canincrease or decreas voltage