As you can probably guess Dark Zone tricks are offered to open up chests in the Dark Zone. Players collect tricks by death high level enemies (NPC"s) in the Dark Zone and also then looting the key. The same additionally applies come PvP human players; you have the right to kill other players and then loot their Dark Zone keys too, so lengthy as they"re transporting a an essential in the an initial place.Whether a an essential drops or no is based upon both RNG and the level the the foe you simply killed. Killing lower level enemies very rarely causes a crucial to drop whilst opponents that exceed her level will have actually a greater chance that dropping a key.Tip: Yellow health and wellness bar adversaries are major/elite adversaries which have greater chance that dropping a key. Named enemies are likewise BOSS"s and have a high chance of dropping a key. The RNG factor is weighed depending on the level difference in between you and the enemy.

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Once you have actually a key, it"s just a case of finding one of the Dark zone chests the are situated in static areas of the Dark Zone. What execute I typical by static, fine I typical that their place never changes even if girlfriend leave and reenter the DZ. Memorizing the chest locations in the DZ is something that you must aim for early on.Remember, if you"re eliminated by an additional agent in the DZ not just will you lose XP and credits, yet you"ll additionally lose some of your keys. Chest locations - ExamplesSome great examples the chest areas are:Morgan Library - located down Madison road at the junction with E 38th Street. Kill the adversaries outside the entrance, walk up the stairs and also you"ll find a loot chest.Abandoned to buy Center - head far from Morgan Library, down E 38th Street to the shopping centre which is situated opposite the car park exploit zone. Within there are enemies and also behind them is a DZ chest.Other "Landmark" locations usually save on computer yellow wellness bar NPC"s and loot chests in the adjacent vicinity. Look for the blue symbols on the map for additional landmarks come explore.

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Three species of booty chests

There are three varieties of containers in the Dark Zone.Small Containers
These small white/grey containers have the right to be opened even without a crucial and lock don"t have actually rank restrictions. The loot inside is usually common items such as guns, ammo, grenades etc. You absolutely won"t find any high-end weapons inside these containers. They are simple to find due to the fact that they appear on your radar as little white icons.Medium Chests
These containers watch like little boxes and also they have DZ rank restrictions, meaning that friend can"t open the chest uneven you"re equal to or above the rank compelled by the chest. If you"re location is too low you simply have to leave the chest where it is and then come earlier at a later point when your rank is higher.Key Chests
These chests are an ext decorative than the others and players call for Dark ar keys before they can be opened. In practically all cases, this chests are located close by or behind high level enemies. One easy way to find a chest place is come hunt for a team of low level adversaries protecting a yellow bar enemy, this is almost always a guarantee DZ chest location.In addition to hundreds of credits, the loot within these rewarding chests is nearly always superior, legend or luxury gear.

Beta Problems

Many players have encountered worries trying to open up dark zone chests in the Beta. This is a known problem that affects some but not all players. It shows up to happen randomly, affecting players even if castle poses a zone crucial and have actually surpassed the location restriction for the chest.Ubisoft are conscious of the issue and also scheduled maintenance "may" fix the issue prior to the Beta ends yet it"s much more likely to be a priority pest fix because that the release in March.