The an initial Years Close and Secure Sleeper is particularly designed because that co-sleeping and for adult bed sharing v the child baby. The made up of cotton and polyester to provide a soft and also cozy environment to your infant. And also it’s head and foot obstacles are consisted of of polyurethane foam to minimize the hazard of entrapment. This bassinet is very lightweight and also its easy zip to folding and carrying handleability provides it travel-friendly. The first years close and secure sleeper combines the safety of her baby along with your own comfort which is so necessary for the an initial months of your baby’s life.

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safety and security 89% 89% comfort 92% 92% simple of usage 95% 95% Price and also Longevity 90% 90%


Perfect because that co-sleepingWell-designed to carry out comfort and safetyPortable and travel-friendlyMachine washableAttached nightlight provides monitoring straightforward in the dark


Baby will easily outgrow the sleeperTakes up too much space

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Product Specifications

Do I require The an initial Years Close and also Secure Sleeper?

First years Close and Secure Sleeper Review and also Features

The Bottom Line

Official video Tour

Product Specifications:

Product NameFirst year Close and also Secure Sleeper
BrandThe an initial Years
Target GenderUnisex
Durationup to 6 month
Item Weight3 pounds
Weight LimitNo load Limit
Batteries requiredYes
MaterialCotton, Polyester
Dimension17.5 x 16.5 x 6.2 inches
Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆  4.5 /5
AvailabilityIn Stock
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Do ns Need very first Years Close and Secure Sleeper?

If you room thinking around to co-sleeping v your child baby, then this first year close and also secure sleeper is an excellent choice for parents aiming for an affordable (Check the latest price) and convenient bed sharing for your newborn baby.

From a safety suggest of view, lying down beside your infant is significantly discouraged. You can roll over or do movements throughout your sleep which have the right to endanger your baby.

On the various other hand, place the infant in their own bassinet might not constantly be convenient for parents.

Babies tend to wake up in ~ odd hours and also quite commonly require education or soothing, definition parent’s sleep suffers.


Walking to your baby’s bassinet can be specifically difficult in the dark and also the disturbance caused can mean the parents may uncover it difficult to go ago to sleep.

The an initial Years Close and Secure Sleeper is designed come resolve all these difficulties by combining her baby’s privacy with the convenience of having actually your baby right beside you.

It’s aimed to carry out comfort come both baby and also parents, make it precious the initial investment.

After exploring our “The an initial Years Close and also Secure Sleeper Review“, you will understand how your investment on this product is valuable.

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First years Close and also Secure Sleeper review & Features

The very first years nearby & secure portable infant sleeper is the perfect co-sleeper for parents. Its distinctive design and also an variety of features do it crucial part of your list of baby necessities come buy.

So let’s inspect its feature.

1. Fix up Design

The co-sleeper is specifically made to keep your baby for sure within the privacy the its own bed.

The head portion, which includes the nightlight, is made of plastic and sides room padded to provide for softness, and near the bottom, the sides have a mesh portion and bumper come protect her baby to roll out that the bassinet,

In short, your baby is well safeguarded in this co-sleeper.

The mesh help you wrinkles the sleeper and, most importantly, provides it well-ventilated. So don’t worry around your baby not getting sufficient fresh air prefer on various other bassinets.


There is a foot avoid as well, more ensuring your baby continues to be within the sleeper securely.

2. Simple To Store and also Clean

The Co-Sleeper have the right to be folded without lot effort right into a compact form which is perfect for save anywhere.

Even if you are doing not have space, friend don’t need to worry around the sleeper together it can be inserted in a drawer until it’s no needed. The hassle of managing space is reduced greatly, which is an concern with various other bassinets.

On top of this, every the covers room removable and also can be an equipment washed. Just unzip the cloth and also wash that on a gentle setting.

The convenience of clean the sleeper makes it very hygienic and also bacteria free.

In short, your small one has a healthy resting environment.

3. Combines defense with Comfort

The very first Years Close and Secure Sleeper provide a safe sleeping space for your child in near proximity come you. Naturally, parental prioritize your baby’s safety and sacrifice their very own comfort.

No such trade-off exists when you gain this sleeper.

The baby is safely snuggled in their very own bed while gift within an arm’s reach of their parents. This provides monitoring, nursing and also soothing her baby much less of a task.


In enhancement to this, her baby sleeps even much more soundly once they feeling their parental nearby. And that provides the sleeper comfortable for both the baby and also the parents

4. Portable and Travel-Friendly

As the sleeper is made greatly of cloth with a small amount that plastic, it’s very lightweight.

The weight of the an initial years nearby & certain portable infant sleeper is just 3lbs, that makes it super travel-friendly and also portable.

Your baby can sleep all over you go, in their own bed.

This is good since babies acquire used to their bed and also surroundings and may find falling sleep difficult in the absence of your usual environment.

You can quickly open this bassinet through one hand, don’t need any type of tool.


Parents deserve to simply roll it and place it in the baby’s bag for ease the carrying.

5. Nightlight to Watch

The sleeper contains a nightlight that can be used during the night to check up on her baby to make certain they are sleeping soundly. 

This a great feature because that the price. You deserve to buy this bassinet because that our attach to get a couple of buck discounts.

The nightlight function is specifically practical since it prevents accidents during the night which may occur as result of parents trying to acquire to their infant in the darkness.

Having a nightlight is a vast advantage.


We hope the you favor our very first Years Close and also Secure Sleeper review and also hopefully, it helps you come make her decision in the future.

The Bottom Line

The first Years Close and also Secure Sleeper make your decision basic by gift a uniquely design sleeper the balances her infant’s need for security in addition to your own require for convenience.

It’s a ground-breaking style which has some good features the make it worthwhile because that the money you will do it spend.

For the price you pay and the benefits it offers, the first years nearby & secure portable infant sleeper is important a remarkable product.

If you ask me, then yes, the a worthy product because that both that you.

In short, This co-sleeper help you to feed, soothe, monitor your newborn while keeping your infant securely positioned.

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