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theHunter: contact of the Wild Cheats because that PC

heavy steam Achievements This title has a total of 133 vapor Achievements. Accomplish the stated conditions, where applicable, to get the Achievement.

achievement Harvest a cape buffalo downed by the King 470DB finish Parque Fernando"s Trophy arsenal Harvest seven distinct animal types in Parque Fernando Harvest every animal varieties in Vurhonga Savanna Find all of the cavern paintings in Medved-Taiga nationwide Park restore power to the Parque Fernando searching Lodge Harvest 50 black color bears Harvest a brown bear with a single shot indigenous a distance of much less than 25 meters (27 yards) Harvest 50 brown bear finish Paul Beatty"s mission arc complete Vinay Bhandari"s mission arc Harvest 50 blacktail deer fight an pet that is barely clearly shows Harvest a wild boar in ~ night v a handgun Harvest 50 wild boars finish Brother"s mission arc spot every trophy animal varieties in Hirschfelden searching Reserve and Layton Lake ar Harvest a moose v 100% fast kill bonus and also 100% truth bonus usage all callers as soon as spot 50 lesser kudu Harvest an animal from a searching structure in Medved-Taiga nationwide Park Complete every one of Carolina"s an obstacle Targets Harvest 50 Siberian musk deer finish Beatriz Cabrera"s mission arc Harvest a blond, brown, and also cinnamon-colored black color bear complete Emily Connors"s mission arc Harvest 50 coyotes Harvest a europe bison with a single shot to the heart utilizing a bow Harvest a male and a female roe deer indigenous the very same herd Harvest a Siberian musk deer through a solitary shot from a rifle native a distance of much more than 250 meters (274 yards) Harvest a whitetail deer indigenous a hunting structure utilizing a bow Harvest 50 red deer spot 12 distinctive red deer from a street of less than 25 m (27 yards) determine a contact from every trophy animal varieties in Medved-Taiga nationwide Park uncover all exploration notes in Medved-Taiga national Park knife a diamond rating on a harvested animal finish Dimitri complete Dr. Anatoly Barnyashev mission arc finish Dr. Columbus Neidell mission arc finish Dr. Mariana Luna"s mission arc finish Dr. Svetlana Isakova"s mission arc determine a contact from every animal varieties in Hirschfelden searching Reserve and also Layton Lake district Harvest 50 Roosevelt elk identify a mating speak to from a Roosevelt elk indigenous a distance of much less than 25 meter (27 yards) struggle an pet from 200+ meters (219+ yards) Harvest 50 Fallow deer complete Albertina Fleischer"s mission arc Harvest 50 red foxes Harvest a red fox indigenous a surveyed lookout allude complete Georgy Grankin"s mission arc Visit all regions in Hirschfelden searching Reserve and also Layton Lake district earn a yellow rating on a harvested animal finish the Halloween mission arcs in two various reserves/parks down an animal from each stance Harvest 50 Eurasian lynx Harvest an animal in every subregion in Hirschfelden searching Reserve finish all main Europe missions complete one of Carolina"s an obstacle Targets complete Richard Hope"s mission arc complete the Layton Lake Halloween mission arc Harvest a Eurasian lynx that is hunting or eat down an pet at night knife a copper rating top top a harvested animal Harvest different animals using each of the four weapon species finish Gerlinde Jäger"s mission arc finish Juliana Ferrari"s mission arc finish Katerina Khasavovna mission arc finish all Pacific Northwest missions Harvest a wounded animal fight an pet from 400+ meters (438+ yards) Harvest a Eurasian lynx with a bow Harvest 50 moose Harvest an animal in every subregion in Layton Lake district down an pet with her last round of ammunition complete Dana Maritz"s mission arc finish Matias Mateo"s mission arc finish Maria Mboweni"s mission arc finish all Medved-Taiga nationwide Park goals Harvest an albino deer down an pet while having an elevated heart price uncover Rambolo, the critical rhino that Vurhonga Savanna struggle an animal from 50+ meters (55+ yards) Harvest a blacktail deer through a single shot native a rifle using just iron sights native a distance of an ext than 150 meters (164 yards) Harvest 5 reindeer indigenous the very same herd finish Flip Ospreay"s mission arc discover all artifacts in Medved-Taiga national Park Harvest 5 animals from the same herd v a single shot come the heart utilizing a bow in Medved-Taiga nationwide Park find 100 tracks from the same pet Find all of the Nenet monuments in Medved-Taiga nationwide Park study 100 droppings point out every trophy animal types in Medved-Taiga nationwide Park Harvest 50 roe deer Harvest 50 reindeer fear 1000 pets clues 10 animals collection all antler sheds in Medved-Taiga national Park Harvest a reindeer through a shotgun and a 100% rapid kill bonus picture every trophy animal species in Medved-Taiga national Park Harvest two coyotes native the same fill with a shotgun earn a silver rating ~ above a harvested pet hit an animal from 100+ meters (110+ yards) finish Robert Sommer"s mission arc Harvest a spirit-colored brown bear through a handgun Harvest 25 springbok spot 100 animals uncover 50 monitor from the same animal complete Dr. Alena Khasavovna"s mission arc Harvest 50 european bison Harvest an pet in every subregion in Vurhonga Savanna take trip a distance of 26.2 mile (42.195 kilometers) top top foot travel a street of 1 mile (1.609 kilometers) on foot under an animal with an unscoped rifle finish the Hirschfelden Halloween mission arc travel a street of 6.2 mile (10 kilometers) top top foot finish Carolina Vargas" mission arc travel a street of 100 miles (160.934 kilometers) ~ above foot down 10 pets by hitting the mind Find all of the landmarks in Medved-Taiga national Park Visit all areas in Medved-Taiga national Park finish Jonathan Trampfine"s mission arc Find all of Grankin"s catch in Medved-Taiga national Park complete Marwin Tressler"s mission arc complete the Medved-Taiga Halloween mission arc uncover a feeding track, drink track and also a relaxing track made by a fallow deer Harvest a Siberian musk deer through a heart shot Harvest an pet in every subregion in Medved-Taiga national Park fight an animal while undetected within 15 meter (16 yards) complete Vicente Vargas" mission arc finish Fiona Vualez"s mission arc finish all the Vurhonga Savanna Mission arcs complete the Warden Mission arcs Harvest 50 whitetail deer photo every trophy animal varieties in Hirschfelden hunting Reserve and also Layton Lake district
A enhance for the Widowmaker
A Sample that Parque Fernando"s Finest
A civilization Class searching Reserve
An Experienced an elderly Warden
Art Critic
Ave María, it works!
Bear Bug
Bear Hug
Bear Minimum
Beatty Arc
Bhandari Arc
Blacktail Stalker
Blind Shot
Boars Night Out
Bringing residence The Bacon
Brother Arc
Bucket List
By The Book
Call the The Wild
Carolina"s best Hits, Shot-For-Shot
Children of The Night
Chinita Arc
Coat Of numerous Colors
Connors Arc
Coyote Calling
Date Night
Death native Above
Deer Devil
Deer Spotting
Deer Whisperer
Diamonds space Forever
Dr. Anatoly Barnyashev Arc
Dr. Columbus Neidell Arc
Dr. Mariana Luna Arc

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Svetlana Isakova Arc
Elk Enthusiast
Elk Talk
Expert Marksman
Fallow Fanatic
Fleischer Arc
Fox Fever
Fox Watch
Georgy Grankin Arc
Happy Halloween
Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
Hello Lynxy
Hero of Hirschfelden
Hirschfelden Arc
Hitting the Mark
Hope Arc
Hunter and also Hunter
Hunting The Hunter
It"s Something
Jack Of all Trades
Jäger Arc
Juliana Ferrari Arc
Katerina Khasavovna Arc
Layton Lake district Arc
Leave No pet Behind
Legendary Marksman
Let that Fly
Long Live The King!
Lord that The Lakes
Make it Count
Maritz Arc
Matmat Arc
Mboweni Arc
Medved-Taiga nationwide Park Arc
Moby Deer
Nerves that Steel
Njabulo"s Sorrow
Novice Marksman
Old Fashioned
One by One
Ospreay Arc
Paleontology 101
Peppe"s Challenge
Persistence Is Futile
Potty Humor
Right There, ideal There!
Roe Warrior
Rudolf"s Bane
Seeing Is Believing
Shed Hunter
Side by Side
Silver Lining
Skilled Marksman
Sommer Arc
Spirit Animal
Springbok City
Stay ~ above Target
The Apex Hunter
The Bigger castle Come...
The Lion the Vurhonga
The Marathon
The Mile
The Old Fashioned Way
The Ruddy Moon Rises
The Scandinavian Mile
The reality is in the Milanesa
The Ultramarathon
This Is not A Zombie Game
Trampfine Arc
Tressler Arc
Trick or Treat!
True Dedication
True Musk
Tsar of The Taiga
Up Close and Personal
Vicente Vargas Arc
Vualez Arc
Vurhonga Savanna Arc
Warden missions Arc
Whitetail Hunter
Wildlife Paparazzi

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