The Nice males movies stars Ryan Gosling & Russell Crowe as the lead actors. The actresses in the movie are Margaret Qualley, Angourie Rice, Kim Basinger, Yaya De4476mountvernon.comsta, Murielle Telio and also more…

After attending The Nice men movie premiere at Leicester Square (London UK) certification Ryan Gosling & Russell Crowe us simply had to create this attribute on the actresses in The nice Guys.

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We literally to walk right past the guy himself top top the red carpet Ryan Gosling, and I’m still wonder why i chickened the end of a rapid photobomb while he was having his interview…

The Nice males official movie stills
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We acquire a complete eyeful the the topless Murielle Telio in the magazine and also her body is amazing. As the camera zooms out you view a vehicle drive off a hill v the kitchen window. That’s the minute when girlfriend think WTF? within moments, the auto crashes through the house, wherein the boy was looking in ~ the nude Murielle Telio.

He goes exterior to view the wreckage and also low and also behold Murielle Telio is there on her fatality bed, topless native the crash. Death has never ever looks for this reason good.

Murielle Telio is an actress that you may have actually seen in the movie ‘Duff’, game of Assassins and also Agents the S.H.I.E.L.D TV collection where she played Young Starlet. Murielle Telio has additionally starred in Red Oaks TV collection The bay TV collection and Sex school movie aka Beginners guide To Sex. Follow Murielle Telio top top instagram above. Us are!

Margaret Qualley


You will watch Margaret Qualley in The Nice guys movies, running approximately in a stunning yellow dress throughout the film together she is chased by Hitman. Margaret Qualley is an actress ideal known for her role as Jill Harvey in The Leftovers TV series.

Margaret likewise played Raquel in Palo Alto and is the daughter of Andie MacDowell and Paul Qualley. She sister Rainey Qualley is a music artist for this reason the talent runs with the family.

All grown up now, Margaret Qualley is one come watch and we expect large thing from the Qualley camp as she is currently starring in fatality Note and also Novitiate i m sorry are currently in short article production why still in filming Sydney room Movie.

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If you prefer the yellow dress Margaret Qualley wears in the movie you can find a comparable version below:

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Angourie Rice


Angourie Rice is a young Australian actress who is daughter of director Jeremy Rice and also of actress Kate Rice. You may have seen Angourie in Walking through Dinosaurs 3D, infection or These final Hours.