One the Hemingway"s most renowned novels. The old fisherman Santiago has caught nothing because that eighty-four days. Then points change.
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Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) to be an American writer the novels and short stories. Born in Chicago, the was prospered up in the prosperous suburb of Oak Park. Excelling in English in ~ school, he came to be a small reporter for the Kansas City Star. In 1918 he join the Red Cross and experienced the horrors of world War i on the Italian Front where he was badly wounded. Return home, he briefly operated in Toronto because that the Toronto Star prior to returning come Europe through his an initial of four wives. He reported on several conferences and his battles to survive and also the civilization he met are chronicled in his book, "A Moveable Feast". During this era he additionally published a repertoire of quick stories: "Men there is no Women" and also a novel, "The Sun likewise Rises". These publications cemented his reputation as a writer. Travelling back and forth between Europe and also North America, he live life large with bouts of drinking, brawling, bullfighting and big game hunting. "Death in the Afternoon" relates few of his bullfighting experiences and also "The eco-friendly Hills of Africa" recalls his hunting trips in the jungle. His most renowned novels such together "The Old Man and the Sea" and "A Farewell come Arms" aided him victory the Pulitzer prize in 1953 and the Nobel prize for literary works in 1954. All of this was overshadowed by bouts the depression i m sorry he suffered throughout his life and also which led to his suicide in 1961. (Chambers Biographical Dictionary)
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