The ladies ultimately arrive on their glamping expedition to carry out fun outdoor activities and contact each various other out.

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Ah, the joys the camping and immersing in nature! If only the Hous4476mountvernon.comives the Atlanta can see the pastime’s rejuvenating benefits. Instead, they’ve make it into an all-out battle zone. Choose up right where us left turn off last week, the ladies are in a party bus heading come the glamping campgrounds, and the tension between Kenya and also Porsha has currently led to a yell fest for the ages. Reportedly Porsha’s anger monitoring classes room still open for discussion, and Kenya won’t let walk of the fact that she watch no readjust in she frenemy’s behavior.

Thankfully, we kick turn off this episode with a calm managing of the situation. Cynthia pipe in as the peacemaker come ask how Porsha’s anger management is yes, really going, and also just prefer that it’s every settled. Now, to the actual glamping! The females arrive at the luxurious cabins to examine in, and also the front desk clerk reminds them to watch the end for deer, squirrels, and snakes. On top of this, Marlo drops a bomb: She has some gas issues, and also whoever bunks with her will have to address some smelly trouble. Because Kandi, Porsha, and also Shereé each brought an uninvited guest, the room count is off, so everyone has to buddy increase — leaving Shereé to attend to Marlo’s tooting.

Alone in their cabin, Shereé decides to mention that who in the group is rumored to be a lesbian — or, as she place it, someone is “dipping right into the lady pond.” She do the efforts to store the source anonymous, yet Marlo instantly asks if she’s talking about Kandi. Shereé states that she yes, really hates just how the ladies have actually real concerns with one an additional but act all friendly as soon as they cave out. To Shereé, the rumors Porsha and Phaedra have been cram around around Kandi hooking up v Shamea space just one more example that stabbing a girlfriend in the earlier while kissing castle on the cheek. Shereé’s setup is to lug up the rumors during their upcoming campfire conference of “Ask Marlo,” however first, the ladies have to pack up your belongings again and head the end to the actual sleeping kinds in the woods.

No one however Phaedra seems pleased v the tent resting situation, especially upon finding out they all have to put up their own tents to get the “full experience,” as Phaedra likes to placed it. What should have taken five minutes to accomplish spirals into a one- to two-hour event, finishing with everyone piled roughly the fire come roast marshmallows — and also each other, apparently. Porsha’s sisters Lauren gets “Ask Marlo” walk by questioning what the deal is with Marlo and also Kenya’s strained relationship. Kenya, of course, looks annoyed, however Marlo gladly airs her grievances, explaining just how Kenya left her the end of a birthday and also hous4476mountvernon.comarming party. Kenya argues that she “apologized lot of times” for what happened, but Marlo doesn’t recall together sentiments. The ago and forth it s okay even more heated when Marlo says, “Her own mother won’t even talk come her,” which sends each the the women cowering for cover. Kenya just shuts down, if Phaedra conveniently steers the conversation toward a positive conversation on making this expedition a team-building exercise — not TEAm building.

The next morning, everyone heads earlier to the cabin area to gain ready for day two of bonding time, together planned by Kenya. When they every sit down for some salad and also lunch, the pending divorce in between Phaedra and also Apollo take away the spotlight, v everyone speculating as to why the procedure is acquisition so long. Kandi claims she heard it just takes 60 days because that a divorce to go through once one party is in jail, yet Porsha steps in to defend Phaedra, stating that Apollo never wanted the divorce to it is in finalized, and also that’s why it’s acquisition so long. Trying come squash it even further, Cynthia shifts the speak to her own divorce native Peter — she to trust they’re close come signing. If Cynthia is understandably upset end the situation, the remainder of the women take turns reminding Cynthia of she beauty, grace, and strong will in the middle of the all. Finally, some real team-building!

The very first activity for the work is part nice kayaking top top the lake. If Porsha and also Kenya each get their own watercrafts to leisurely float follow me the water in, the rest of the ladies team increase in three-person paddleboats. Hazel, Kandi, and also Marlo take one out together, and despite the fact that Kandi isn’t maybe to aid paddle, they make their means around with no problem. Following up space Cynthia, Shereé, and Lauren, none of whom can handle it once water it s okay in the boat. Shereé screams bloody killing seeing assorted lake-dwelling bugs swimming roughly near her feet, and also she forces the team to paddle ago to shore. Every in all, it’s a semi-successful activity, however Kenya has an additional one up she sleeve the divides the team pretty quickly.

Taking the women to a 100-foot tower, Kenya describes that castle all will take transforms strapping right into a cord and also jumping off the tower come (hopefully) floor safely ~ above the ground far below. Shereé, Cynthia, and Phaedra nope the end of the team right away, yet the remainder climb come the height to take it on this big hurdle. Kenya goes an initial and lands reasonably nicely on the ground, giving everyone hope that it won’t be too bad. Kandi takes the leap and actually manages to carry out a graceful bow as she lands, showing up everyone else v their awkward landings. Porsha walk last, and despite crying the entire method down, she floor on she butt and is simply happy to the floor again. Running on the high the actually acquiring along, anyone heads earlier to the cabins to get glammed up because that a candlelit team dinner.

Fresh and also ready for some grub, the ladies descend ~ above the beautiful table come reminisce around the day’s events — and, of course, obtain into some great old fightin’! Kenya kicks points off by apologizing because that inadvertently hurting Marlo’s feelings by no inviting her to past parties, which Marlo gladly accepts. Then, in a shocking twist, Marlo apologizes come Kenya because that her awful “mother comments” from the night before. Kenya is touch — the is, until Marlo says she’ll move forward “with caution.” climate Marlo decides to really ramp up the azer conversation by outright questioning Kandi if she is a lesbian.

Everyone watch shocked by the question, and also Kandi seems the most perplexed of all. Marlo clarifies that she heard the rumor from particular people in the group, which sends out everyone right into a fit make the efforts to safeguard themselves. Also though Phaedra and Porsha to be the two who started the rumor, lock both seashells up, hope Shereé won’t disclose what lock did. Phaedra just starts chugging wine to calm her nerves, if Porsha theatre the fool and continually asks, “Who go it?” with a shocked watch on her face. Shereé lastly calls the end Porsha, and also everyone crack ups having actually to watch Porsha ~ pretend to be surprised. Getting back to the really insinuations, Shereé speak Kandi around when Porsha said, “She’s still in the closet.” Kandi turn off it all down, saying she’s “done things” through women in the past, yet now she is strict for she husband. She adds the Porsha has actually her own experiences in the exact same area and also won’t very own up come it.

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Realizing that nothing will acquire resolved sitting about this table, the team divides into smaller groups to walk off right into separate cabins and break down the drama. Kandi vents her frustrations come Hazel, Kenya, and Cynthia, call Porsha an “aggressive lesbian” as soon as she gets drunk. Meanwhile, Porsha, Lauren, and also Phaedra gain upset end Kandi insinuating the Porsha has ever done something sex-related with an additional woman. Hypocrisy appears to be running rampant in that room, no? In a final blessing, we a gain a tease for the rest of the season, i beg your pardon reveals an ext triumphs, fights, and tears, plus the return that a former Hous4476mountvernon.comife.