"The Real human being Homecoming: new York" reunites the initial MTV actors for Paramount+.Danielle Levitt/MTV 2021 Paramount+
The real World reunion tour will continue for at the very least two an ext seasons.

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Paramount+ has ordered much more rounds the the spinoff franchise come the MTV fact TV icon.

The following edition will function the actors of 1993’s The actual World: Los Angeles. The cast reuniting in the season after that has not yet been announced. The very first edition (pictured) reunited The real World: brand-new York.

The logline reads: “After spending decades apart, the roommates will reconnect to find out how the series transformed their lives due to the fact that the cameras quit rolling, and also they’ll discover, when again, what happens when people stop gift polite… and start getting real.”

The actual World was produced in 1992 and also has aired 33 seasons. The franchise’s renowned spinoff, The Challenge compete series, has aired because that 37 seasons.

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