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Something evil this way comes, as local theaters current all path of creepy fare this Halloween season, indigenous "The Shining" and also "Frankenstein" to "Halloween" and "Carnival of Souls." They optimal this week"s survey of off-the-beaten-path film events on tap for neighborhood movie fans.

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TCM huge Screen Classics: "The Shining"

Canal Place,

Elmwood Palace, Covington stadium 14, Slidell Grand, Perkins Rowe (Baton Rouge), Cinemark 16 Gulfport.

The neighborhood theaters team v Turner standard Movies and Warner Bros. Entertainment because that a restricted engagement of manager Stanley Kubrick"s 1980 adaptation the the Stephen King horror classic "

" (2 and 7 p.m. Sunday Oct. 23; and again ~ above Wednesday Oct. 26), starring Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd and Scatman Crothers. The screenings will incorporate a especially produced introduction from TCM hold Ben Mankiewicz.

For details, including ticketing information, visit the Fathom events website.

Prytania late Night Series: "Halloween"

Prytania Theatre,

5339 Prytania St., 504.891.2787.

The theater proceeds its screening series of fan favorites. This week: director man Carpenter"s 1978 slasher classic "

" (midnight Friday and also Saturday Oct. 21 and 22; and also 10 p.m. Sunday Oct. 23), certification Jamie Lee Curtis and telling the story of one escaped psychopath that returns come his little hometown to find for victims on Halloween night.

Tickets room $11.75 ($10.75 for students; $9.75 because that children and also seniors). For details visit the Prytania Theatre website.

"Frankenstein," starring Benedict Cumberbatch

Elmwood Palace, Cinemark 16 Gulfport

. The regional theaters team with NCM Fathom Events, national Theatre Live and also BY suffer for an in-theater re-broadcast of director Danny Boyle"s 2011 stage production of "

" (7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 25), starring Benedict Cumberbatch together the creature and Jonny Lee Miller as Victor Frankenstein.

Tickets are available at participating theater box workplaces or v the NCM Fathom website.

RiffTrax Live: "Carnival of Souls"

Elmwood Palace, Covington 14, grand Slidell, Perkins Rowe (Baton Rouge), Cinemark 16 Gulfport.

NCM Fathom Events and also the movie hecklers in ~ RiffTrax present "

" (7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 27, through an encore rebroadcast set for 7:30 p.m. Monday Oct. 31), in i m sorry Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett -- the comedians from the cult classic "Mystery scientific research Theater 3000" TV collection -- reunite on the huge screen to fire off their wisecracking commentary at a newly restored version the the 1962 cult classic.

Tickets obtainable at participating theater box offices or v the Fathom website.

Rob Zombie"s "31" encore screening

Elmwood Palace, Perkins Rowe (Baton Rouge)

. The local theaters team through Fathom Events and also Saban movies for an encore screening the the horror film "

" (7 p.m. Thursday Oct. 20), around a team of carnival employees who room kidnapped and forced come play a twisted game on the night prior to Halloween. The regime will include two music videos and also an on-screen Q-and-A through director plunder Zombie, and also a distinct look behind the scenes.

For details, including ticketing information, visit the Fathom occasions website

"I"m no Ashamed"

Elmwood Palace

. The regional theater and also Pure Flix current a minimal engagement of director Brian Baugh"s drama "

" (1:20 p.m. Everyday Friday v Thursday Oct. 21 come 27), certification Masey McLain together Rachel pleasure Scott, that was fatally shot throughout a 1999 shooting spree at Columbine High school after she reportedly declared her belief in God.

For details, consisting of ticketing information, visit the theater website.

"Oasis: Supersonic"

Prytania, wide Theater

. The local movie theaters organize a one-night engagement of manager Matt Whitecross" 2016 music documentary "

" (Oct. 26, with showtimes in ~ 7 and also 9 p.m. In ~ the Broad, and 5 and 10 p.m. At the Prytania), around the British rock band.

For details, including ticketing information, visit the theatre websites.

"Taxi Driver"

Elmwood Palace, Perkins Rowe (Baton Rouge).

The neighborhood theaters team with Fathom Events and also Sony images Entertainment for a 40


anniversary screening of director Martin Scorsese"s 1976 drama "

" (2 and also 7 p.m. Wednesday Oct. 19), starring Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster and also Cybill Shepherd. The regime will encompass a Q-and-A with Scorsese, De Niro, Foster and also others recorded live at new York"s Beacon Theatre throughout the 2016 Tribeca film Festival.

For details, including ticketing information, visit the Fathom occasions website.

Kirk Cameron"s "Revive Us"

Canal Place, Elmwood Palace, Westbank Palace, Covington stadion 14, Slidell Grand.

The local theaters team v Fathom Events and also My faith Votes because that Kirk Cameron"s "

" (7 p.m. Tuesday Oct. 18; with an encore rebroadcast collection for 8 p.m. Monday, Oct. 24), a live event experience in i m sorry Cameron will be join by pastors, authors, teachers and others because that an evening of hope, vision and also courage as they seek to prize one necessary question: "Where is our hope?" Simulcast come theaters live from Chicago, the occasion will conclude v a Q-and-A made up of audience-submitted questions and also will encompass an open time because that audiences to conference in your theaters for prayer and also discussion.

For details, consisting of ticketing information, visit the Fathom events website.

Prytania Theatre standard Movie Series: "The Barleys of Broadway"

Prytania Theatre,

5339 Prytania St., 504.891.2787.

The brand-new Orleans theater proceeds its twice-weekly screening series focusing top top Hollywood classics. Next up: manager Charles Walters" 1948 musical romance "

" (10 a.m. Sunday and Wednesday, Oct. 23 and 26), starring Fred Astaire and also Ginger Rogers.

Tickets space $6. Because that details visit the


The Met Live in HD: "Don Giovanni"

Elmwood Palace, Covington stadion 14, Perkins Rowe (Baton Rouge), Cinemark 16 Gulfport.

The regional theaters team v Fathom Events and also the city Opera because that a production, simulcast live come theaters nationwide, the Mozart"s "

" (11:55 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 22; through an encore presentation booked for 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 26, in ~ the Elmwood, Perkins Rowe and also Gulfport theaters only), certification Simon Keenlyside, Hibla Gerzmava, Malin Bystrom and conducted through Fabio Luisi. During intermission, interviews with the cast, crew and also production team will offer a look in ~ what goes right into the staging of an opera.

For details, consisting of ticketing information, visit the Fathom events website.

Entergy Giant screen Theater Aquarium the the Americas, 1 Canal St. The aquarium"s in-house theater hosts constant screenings, with focus on nature documentaries. For details, consisting of a scheduled and ticketing information, visit the Entergy Giant display screen Theater website.

Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary art Center

1618 Oretha lock Haley Blvd., 504.352.1150

. The local alternative movie house continues its screenings of off-the-beaten-path films. Brand-new this week: Visiting filmmaker miles Doleac"s Mississippi-shot crime drama "

" (7 nightly Friday with Wednesday, Oct. 21 come 26; and also 6 p.m. Thursday Oct. 27), about the mysterious fatality of a U.S. Congressman"s daughter; and director George A. Romero"s classic 1968 zombie thriller "

" (9:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 27), add by a live initial score native Think Less, hear More. Stop over: manager Derrick Borte"s rock "n" role musical "

" (7:30 nightly with Wednesday Oct. 19; 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 20; and 9:30 nightly Saturday to Wednesday, Oct. 22 come 26), starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Tom Hughes and also Natascha McElthone. Finishing its local runs: manager April Winney"s "

" (9:15 nightly with Tuesday, Oct. 18; and also at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 19), around a gay male who struggles with self-doubt when asked to it is in the father to his sister"s embraced child.

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Tickets are $8 ($7 for students and also seniors; $6 for members and also children under 16) uneven otherwise indicated. Because that details, visit the Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts center website.