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Tuesday"s blind Auditions began off by revealing the outcomes of Monday"s cliffhanger. After showcasing her stunning vocals on Elton John"s "Rocket Man," Holly Forbes shocked the coaches by going against her daughter"s wishes and picking Kelly over Ariana Grande.

However, an even bigger surprise was in storefor Kelly at the end of the night. The Cunningham sisters -- 15-year-old Maci and also 14-year-old Marie -- impression the coaches and the audience through their harmonies on Tori Kelly & Kirk Franklin"s gospel hit, "Never Alone."

The sisters acquired chair turns from Kelly and also John Legend, and also after revealing the they sang in church inJohn"s house state that Ohio, Kelly thought she had lost all opportunity at landing lock onher team. "Sorry, Kelly," Blake Shelton joked.

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However, she made she pitch anyway, telling Maci and also Marie,"You have so much in common with John, right? yet you"re hereto learn new stuff."

"I"m probably gonna lose anyway, therefore I"m simply gonna walk all in," Kelly added, giving the sisters at an early stage coaching advice. "Y"all both have actually amazing voices. On your own, you might have careers... Yet one point I did notification was the wasn"t perfect in sync. You have to learn just how to blend, and also to let the other shine in moments. And also I am really good at that."

Ultimately, the strategy payment off, as the sisters announced they to be joining Team Kelly, leading to their brand-new coach to virtually fall out of her chair!

The Cunningham Sisters' harmonies are pure perfection.