The new season of Fear The wade Dead is just a little over a month away, therefore AMC has released a trailer to administer a look right into the new episodes and what fans have the right to expect come see as soon as the present returns in October — beside from, the course, several zombies. The show is a long-running spin-off that the hit collection The walking Dead, which is currently airing the an initial part of its last season. In both stories, people try to find ways to make it through a zombie apocalypse when struggling to save the towel of society together.

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Season 7 of Fear The wade Dead is a story of brand-new beginnings, together a detonation the a atom warhead will transform the post-apocalyptic scenario right into an even more dangerous territory, and survivors will have to learn how to navigate with this new world almost everywhere again. As the air is currently toxic, zombies space no longer the just deadly variable that threatens the existence of whoever’s left.

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In the trailer, the post-nuke scenery offers Fear The go Dead a brand-new look, with civilization running approximately in gas masks through an even more devastated landscape. And the big question because that the remaining survivors is: now what? The trailer additionally reveals the actor and also director Aisha Tyler, who directed illustration 13 in Season 6, will show up in this upcoming season.

Fear The wade Dead began off together a prequel series for The wade Dead, yet now it share a timeline through the original well-known show. That was developed by Robert Kirkman and also Dave Erickson. The existing showrunners space Andrew Chambliss (Dollhouse) and also Ian Goldberg (Once ~ above a Time). The wade Dead universe is also populated by The walking Dead: people Beyond, the announced anthology collection Tales of the wade Dead, and an upcoming untitled spin-off with fan-favorites Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride). Stand-alone attribute films starring rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) were additionally announced by AMC.

Fear the walking Dead premieres ~ above AMC ~ above October 17. Top top AMC+, however, new episodes will be exit a main early, beginning on October 10. Check out the trailer for Fear the go Dead's saturday season below.

right here is the official synopsis because that Fear the wade Dead Season 7:

Teddy (John Glover) brought around his vision the "The End" when he detonated atom warheads across the Texas landscape, however it will certainly be as much as those who endured to decision what "The Beginning" will certainly look like. And they'll need to do the in a world devoid that light and hope, wherein the outside air is just as deadly together the walkers castle face. The survivors will discover out who they yes, really are and also what they're really made of. Some will rise to the occasion, some will certainly find new purpose, and also some will redefine us -- even if it comes at a terrible expense to those they once thought about family.

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