Breeder invoice Rosenfeldt remembers the day that the special colt, who would ultimately be recognized as this Irons are Hot, was born. “He was born in a paddock outside. When I visited lead the in, ns was bring away aback since as huge as the colt was, the loped alongside the mare every the method in,” Rosenfeldt, a long-time breeder that stood stallions such as copied Deck and also Deck the Stars, recalled. “As a yearling, the was always easy going. The was never colty or arrogant. He was left uncut for that reason, as well as his dimension and large slow stride.”

His trainer as a young prospect, Carl Yamber adds, “I chosen his size, bone structure, and also conformation–including a long croup, and his movement. I assumed our hunter under saddle steeds needed to be more like him, and I thought he could adjust the direction of where the hunter under saddle equines were top at the time.”

What carry out you think sets him apart from any kind of other steed you’ve known?

Dexter is intuitive once it pertains to people. He has actually an capacity to perceive whether a human being is trusted or unreliable. If Dexter puts his head down for friend to put on his halter, then, the deems you as trustworthy. If opposing occurs, and Dexter stop his head up high, then, he recognizes you together unreliable. I’ve even heard a rumor or 2 of Amy Gumz presenting Dexter to a potential employee throughout their interview.

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(pictured left, 2016 foal)

How execute most civilization react come his size? Isn’t that 17 hands?

People are constantly amazed by his size when he comes the end of his stall, yet Dexter is the epitome of a tenderness giant.

Tell us something we can not know about you?

I love the sun, sand and sea!

Anything rather you would like to add?

We space pleased to announce that we will be donating a section of each These Irons room Hot’s breeding fee come the NSBA foundation Heroes on Horses and also Equestrians v Disabilities Programs, gift to the NSBA foundation during the 2016 human being Championship Show.

Thank you, Adria!

You’re welcome!Please visit for an ext information around this superior stallion. Likewise take time to view the stallion’s website in ~