My friends and I love watching Toddlers and also Tiaras! the somehow always makes us feel like better parents, LOL! I thrived up v a mom that deserve to sew just around anything and also a dad that produced incredible sets because that our neighborhood school and also community theater productions. I had actually some exceptional costumes cultivation up!! Luckily, i … check out more

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In June my husband and I commemorated our 25th wedding anniversary by renewing our wedding vow in las Vegas. Rather of a veil, ns wore a basic tiara. I loved it. Reasoning I would certainly never have actually the possibility to wear it again, i realized the Halloween could be the perfect occasion. OK, therefore I had … read more


To do this sexy Toddlers and Tiaras girls couple costume, you basically simply need a tutu and also a crown! We went to a fabric store and got a piece of white cloth for the sash- “Ultimate grand Supreme” that course! Binkies come in a pack of 2 for around $6 at Toys-R-Us, which we bedazzled through … read more


These last-minute adorable toddlers and also Tiaras costumes were simple costumes to put together! begin off buying any colored tutu, a matching tank top (ours had actually sequins top top them!), and also a little tiara! us bought “Birthday girl” banners, flipped lock around, and also spelt “Little miss Sexy” v stickers! Next, we bought the same shade pacifier, and attached … check out more


I always think the original principles for Halloween, rather of to buy a store costume. With this Tiaras costume, i was hoping to conserve money, yet ended up spending end $50 for everything due to the fact that of bad planning and also rushing come get everything done ~ above time! I uncovered a YouTube tutorial on exactly how to make the TuTu using just … read more


I dropped in love with Honey Boo Boo when she was first on Toddlers and Tiaras for this reason I had to be she for Halloween. One of my friend’s is a costume designer and she made my totality costume by hand, including beading. Mine boyfriend needed a costume critical minute and he likes Reno 911 therefore … review more

Found this dress at a thrift store. It to be an old prom dress. Cut it and sewed it. I added jewels with warm glue. Ns wore a white tutu under so the dress would stick out. I found the white pair of shoes at the thrift store as well. I also purchased tiny white frilly socks at … check out more

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