Tom Hanks returned to his role as the real-life hero Chesley“Sully”Sullenberger on Saturday Night Live with the help of frequent guest-star Alec Baldwin, that played Captain Doug Hubbard, a guy whose visibility posed a major threat.

As Sully to be positioned in the captain’s seat, he shortly learned that he was in reality not the one in command because that the flight. Ha appeared and also announced, “I think I’m in the seat” come which Sully replies “What’s that? The captain’s chair?”

Once it was clear that there has been a mistake, Sully radioed in because that confirmation and reminded the operators, “I’m Sully, miracle on the Hudson!”

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It didn’t rather work, as he to be told, “You haven’t flown for awhile. You will certainly be assisting today.” The trip took off, yet Sully boastfully reminded the captain about his achievements and newfound celebrity. “I’ll never ever forget the day!” the continued. “Yeah, hero of the Hudson!

The rest of the flight ongoing with references to the shows he was invite to during his press tour, “I understand Ellen DeGeneres. Sweet gal, funny!”

“Have you watched Sully?” Sully asked. “Oh, it’s about me.”

Other highlights of the episode consisted of a spoof that Amazon and its offerings in the kind of Broken — a half-hour present featuring a slew that miserable characters in a show being marketed together a comedy. The trailer’s narrator dubbed it “so funny, fans room calling that a drama,” and also as the scenes grew an ext morose, viewers were told, “It’s likewise a musical!”

There was also an homage come Halloween through Hanks play David Pumpkins, that dominates 73 out of the 100 floors of horror as a couple, v the help of an attendant played by Kenan Thompson, space hoping for a good fright but end up through lame characters and also the continuous appearance of “David Pumpkins” and also two dressed-up skeletons.

There was likewise “Black Jeopardy” through Hanks playing Doug, the only white contestant. Categories had one because that “big girls,” wherein he posed, “Skinny Women deserve to Do This because that You” and also Doug answers, “What is — no a cursed thing!”

This took a spicy turn when the group for “Lives the Matter” come up, v the host, played by Thompson, announcing, “Well, the was good while it lasted,” but Doug insists, “I acquired a lot come say around this.” but the organize cuts to rest after assuring his just white contestant — “I am certain you do.”


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