Welcome to Hiddleston Daily, a fanblog completely dedicated to the ravishing, award-winning actor Tom Hiddleston. Tom is finest known because that his portrayal the the vikings God that Mischief, Loki, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thank you for visiting!Tracking #hiddleston daily and #hiddlesedit.

anonymous asked: I believed Tom’s herbal hair is more red than blonde. Perhaps a strawberry blonde..? specifically if you to compare to his facial hair!

Tom has actually said in more than one interview the he’s naturally blond. (Hamilton Hodell, his talent agency, likewise lists his hair as ‘blond.’) girlfriend can especially see it in his previously work…take his role as precious baby angel bill Hazeldine in ‘Surburban Shootout:’

anonymous asked: Hey hey beautiful people. I simply wanted come say the I have actually been studying for exams the past two weeks and I usage your blog to motivate me to gain through. I perform a segment of examine then look at at 2 pages of this incredible production to make me happy. So give thanks to you, native a student who hates university and study *squishes all of your faces*

Cheers for confident reinforcement! happy you come to us as your ‘reward.’ Hope your studies are going well! lubiszplacki asked: come be completely honest, the more I learn around Mr. Hiddleston, the an ext I’m afraid of him. I mean, he’s handsome, adorable, most likely one the the nicest persons in the world, a bloody prince charming… and also I have a deep crush on that myself, don’t gain mi wrong… however how come he’s quiet single? He’s 32 and still single. How is this possible? Either there is something terribly, terribly wrong with him, or every mrs he met so much thinks she’s not great enough because that him. The first option scares me…

Personally, ns don’t think one of two people is the case. Tom’s career is in complete swing, with lot of his work-related taking him the end of his indigenous London. It can be straining to try to have a partnership in the finest of scenarios – imagine make the efforts to do it as soon as you’re continuous working and also jetting off to this or that location for prolonged periods that time? That’s got to it is in a headache.

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Also, that just might not be looking for a partnership right now. :) - Mona

21stcenturyscribe asked: Is the box job still going? i would like to probably send him some Shakespeare books, if possible, together with a letter. Is that possible?

Absolutely! The Box task is still going ~ above – the deadline to receive your enhancements is January 17, 2014.

marygold23 asked: therefore what specifically is this “box” that human being are submitting to? and also where deserve to we find the adress to send in fanmail?

The crate Project! You have the right to read all about it here. Because that fanmail, care of Hamilton Hodell, friend can find that details here.

lauraest91 asked: Buzzfeed appears to suspect that Tom Hiddleston is an acutal Disney Prince, and I buy right into every single one of your arguments.

15 Convincing reasons Why Tom Hiddleston Is An actual Disney Prince

LORD save US.

mygodisloki asked: Is it true,that Tom won’t be a star longer in the Marvels’ films?

Here’s what us know, follow to Tom:

“When i signed my contract, i signed to play Loki in five more Marvel movies, however they to be unspecified. So, if there will certainly be much more movies or not remains to be seen, but I favor the idea the Loki transforming up in the shadows when civilization least suppose him, however you never know these things, the people changes and also the things change, however I feel choose I understand who Loki is, so ns wouldn’t mind.“

In various other words, nothing is collection in stone.

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daley1021 asked: LOVE this blog so much! absolutely one that my optimal favorites! Kudos on every the tough work :) So, has anyone else noticed how often Tom licks his lips?! it is very, really distracting!

We hadn’t noticed. *faints*

grietwearsearrings asked: Hey, girlfriend guys. Ns was simply wondering if you understand in which theater in London Coriolanus is being set up? and thanks fo this beautiful blog! :D Every day i come here for a dose of Tom! :D xx

Coriolanus is collection to play in ~ the Donmar Warehouse theatre in London. :)

Thank you so much! We’re happy to be your day-to-day dose. ;)

anonymous asked: perform you recognize when and how Tom had his sleep broken? It’s a little crooked, innit?

We don’t recognize for certain, however he walk play rugby once he to visit Cambridge – it’s very possible that he broke his nose throughout that time.