When it come tobottle feeding your baby,it can be tricky to number outwhichnipple form and sizeto choosefor yourlittleone, or when it could be time to moveupto the following nipple level.

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We’ve put together this handy‘asked and answered’ guide for parental to aid you understandthedifferent sizes,styles, and also flow ratesof baby bottle nipplesso you have the right to cater come yourbaby’sunique feeding style.

How plenty of bottles and also nipples must I have?

How many bottles and nipples you get depends ~ above how frequently you arrangement to use bottles come feed your baby. If you’re only going come be making use of bottles when a day or just on occasion, then you can decide to simply buy one main bottle and nipple and maybe one extra together a backup. It’s probably finest to have actually at least two so the if lost, damaged or unclean you have a backup.

However, newborns deserve to feed anywhere in between 8-12 times end a 24-hour period. So, if you’re party feeding a newborn, then it’s a good bet to opt for 4-6 bottles and nipples to obtain started with, climate see exactly how you walk from there.


What nipples size should I be using for mine baby?

Most baby bottles market varying nipple levels for different age arrays (usually slow flow for 0+ months, medium circulation for 3+ months, and also fast circulation for 6+ months), an interpretation you can roughly judge i m sorry nipple size might be the best based on your baby’s age. Every one of Tommee Tippee bottles come through a dimension 1 slow circulation nipple, draft to fit a newborn baby. Having actually said that, every baby is different, for this reason it’s a good idea come base your decision on a mix of the above, and also your baby’s own distinct eating habits.

Different types of nipples for various circumstances

Baby bottle nipple categories tend to fall into among the complying with categories:

Slow flowMedium flowFast flowVariflow (flow rate deserve to be changed)

Flow rates of each nipple describes the dimension or number of holes in the nipple, affect how conveniently milk flows into your baby’s mouth. For newborn babies, a slow flow rate is encourage while her baby gets offered to drink milk from a bottle.

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How execute I understand when to readjust bottle nipple size?

You can use the age brackets of every nipple size to gauge when it’s time to relocate up a dimension and/or flow rate, but your baby will also let you know when it’s time come change, or even if you’ve relocated up as well quickly.

Baby indications that it’stime to move up a nipple size:

Becoming irritated or aggravated as soon as eatingTaking longer than 20 mins to end up a feed or they fall asleep on the bottleSucking tough and/or the nipple collapsing in ~ above itself

Baby indicators that the teat you’re using is also big:

Gulping or hard swallowingCoughingChokingExcess milk dripping the end of the mouthRefusing to eat


More FAQs

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Does nipples dimension really matter?

To some babies, yes nipple dimension matters. This is because the size and flow price of various sized nipples could not always suit your baby’s feeding habits. But it’s pretty usual for a infant to be perfect content with one nipple dimension the whole time they’re bottle feeding, yet the circulation rate will require to adjust over time as they develop. Every Tommee Tippee nipples are the very same size, yet with various flow options.

Can a faster flow nipple make reflux worse?

If the feet in a baby party nipple is too huge and the flow rate is too quick for your baby, then it is feasible for excess air to circulation through with the milk and increase the likelihood the reflux.

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How lengthy do nipples last?

Nipples take quite a many hammering from tiny gums and also teeth, so they need to be readjusted regularly. We recommend instead of nipples every 2 month or in ~ the first sign of any kind of damage or weakness.

Can ns buy party with quicker flowing nipples?

All of our bottles other than the 11 oz. Variation come through slow flow nipples together standard, together they’re ideal for newborns and also most parents generally stock up on bottles before baby arrives. Ours 11 oz. Bottle comes through a thick feed nipple.

As your baby grows and also can feed more quickly, you can buy faster flowing replacement nipples.

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We have actually medium flow nipples, which many babies are ready for at about 3 months, and also a quick flow nipple which is ideal from about 6 months. The eras are only guides though - you know your baby much better than anyone and also will have the ability to tell when they’re ready for a much faster flow.