The first season the Tonikawa: end The Moon because that You may have actually concluded, however will the famous anime return for season 2 and if so, when?

2020 to be pretty turbulent on everyone, however Tonikawa: end The Moon because that You was been there to provide that lot needed light-hearted entertainment.

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Countless fans roughly the civilization fell in love through the anime and its characters, i m sorry is arguably among the ‘cutest’ series of the year.

The very first season break up in late-December, but will Tonikawa: end The Moon for You return for a 2nd season and if so, when?


Will over there be a season 2 the Tonikawa?

At the moment of writing, Tonikawa: over The Moon because that You has not to be renewed for a second season through either seven Arcs, Crunchyroll or Media Plus.

Whilst there might not it is in an main announcement regarding the future of Tonikawa, pan shouldn’t panic just yet. Anime renewals space usually dependent on 2 factors; popularity and source material.

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Tonikawa: end The Moon because that You has end up being a fan-favourite collection since the debuted in early-October and also is arguably one of the much better Crunchyroll originals that the year. Currently, the anime is scoring a 4/5 on Anime Planet, 7.8/10 ~ above IMDB, 8.03/10 on my Anime List and also 4.8/5 ~ above Crunchyroll – easily popular enough to warrant a 2nd season.

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