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There many gay people lie and say lock re bisexual to feeling comfortable v telling people their sexuality particularly when lock re coming out of the closet and also down low men and women room everywhere and these are just some various other signs. I have actually noticed end the years and also you understand i similar to to look the end for the girls you know because they re right here to assistance me. For this reason i need to support them and also tell lock the truth and please continue to be tuned to the end of the video. Since i have a really special message thank you for watching of understanding you re act what a downlo man and also please store in mind.

because your man may show some the these indicators it does no necessarily median that the s ~ above the down low. But if you an alert a most these with each other there maybe. That is ~ above the under low and also then a most things the a most y all women fail to realize is the if your man is messing about with another man and also he is the one that s acquiring penetrated in a relationship with a guy you are exceptionally at risk like hiv and also all various other stds and then to think around it the if the s a guy that s being a penetrator which a many minutes top top the down low. When he messed approximately welcome in the transsexuals.

They choose to get penetrated about i say around a great 75 percent of them they love to acquire penetrated honey. So just think the if your man is messing around with one more man. More than likely. He is the one the s gaining penetrated because a the majority of me and they look in ~ it favor if i desire to permeate somebody.

ns d walk home and penetrate. My wife so once they messing about with girls prefer me or choose a gay boy. They space basically comes to us due to the fact that they want to obtain penetrated. They want to give us hair and also stuff favor that so constantly remember that ladies and also just defend yourself.

once you out here and additionally know the there is prep the you can gain on and then if you think that you have actually been exposed to hiv and it s much less than 72 hours you have the right to go gain pat. I m sorry is a sum that usually a young hiv out the system. Which has actually 72 hours of contacting. It and also so basically let s obtain into the video clip and the number one point for a guy is on the under low.

If that act really paranoid..

If you have actually a man that s roughly you and also he s acting so paranoid about any and also everything favor you know just for no reason is factors to it is in concerned. Because the man. Just do not act paranoid for no reason and a lot of people act paranoid. However if friend just an alert this coming out the blue from your spouse.

The friend or every little thing you need to really look right into that and number 2 is a man that looks in ~ women and like to call them bitches and you recognize a lot of me prefer the auto women bitches holes. Room yeah fuck that s prefer that bitch you understand that s exactly how from me and also taught me to get approximately their boys to sound good. Yet if a male s simply looking in ~ a woman picking debates for her and also calling her bitches and also look at she hair and also look at she shoes. That offered me in tendencies and if you notice told.

Me ns was looking at a woman. Just referred to as her old bitch the bitch. The ain t checked out in a sexual means about she to his guys hiney. The s a the majority of gay tendencies and honey you need to look right into that trust and also believe me number three is lies and also when a man is lying come you and just telling you new lies.

and you noticing that he s lying an ext than he commonly do because men prefer that s what castle do. But when he just color all casual eyes prefer you simply met stuffs just not adding up girl you have to look into a plain and simple. Due to the fact that you understand where nobody deserves to it is in lied to and also like my mama. Always say she rather attend to a thief come the light.

Number four honey number four. You noticed that your male is hanging around one more man and also they room hanging genuine real tight and i mean they room hanging. I he can not do nothing there is no this man. They re just constantly around each other and also you similar to damn.

What s walking on one girl to be going on and sleeping together. Okay that s what s going on next. One is when your men shed interest. In friend a lot of y all.

Wouldn t know we are men..

Lose. Interest in y all. It can be a the majority of reasons. But you understand you notice just out the blue and also you doing whatever right and also your man has actually lost interest inside too.

that really don t want come be through you romantically and also stuff favor that the s due to the fact that he out below venturing into new sexual activities depending on your relationship and how i m doing her husband or boyfriend or what our yard about our money or exactly how i save you our money you have to pay close fist to his money and his safety habits. Because a lot of these guys they mess approximately on a information they will about prostitutes and they will around hookers and also stuff. The s on the street for this reason pay fist to that also you recognize there s prefer a most money walking in once and stuff favor that due to the fact that a the majority of these men. They will certainly paint just to have actually this sex-related activity.

since it s something brand-new they desire to stop fair. They do not have time come wine and also dine and they wonder how they desire it for this reason they re willing this day so you gained to watch that particularly if a many money you recognize this is going at one time that s an extreme red flag the following one is if your guy won t let friend look through his phone. I understand a lot of human being are really you recognize private gonna come to their phone or whatever. If you day somebody friend ll have actually no business going with their phone really if you your boyfriend your girlfriend that s choose 50 50.

yet if friend marry why can t your wife go v your phone. Therefore if you marry. And also you notification that your husband right wife won t let you go to your phone. This phone one of two people side.

other s walk on baby trust and also believe me something s going on due to the fact that when it involves your phone call or whatever you should have the ability to trust the human being that s laying alongside you every night looking through your phone and also the next. One is when you in a have the ability to man and y every bout to obtain it on and he desire to begin doing a small strange stuff like stuff that should be favor oh girl. I do not do this that s a red flag to her nothing and it might be anything friend know gained to get into pacific s. However you understand he begin wanna execute a the majority of scream strain honey you should pay attention to that we re yes, really really really really pay attention.

The next. One is he favor to start fights with you arguments and stuff prefer that therefore he deserve to leave out the house and also go be through this person. The he s cheating with this male are simply transsexual that he might be you understand he just started messing through so the course. The man is gonna shot to always make things be your fault.

for this reason he have the right to leave and go the end here and do the points that he wanted to which you know he s a coward that s a bum..

he s a sucker for messing approximately on the deal anyway. And also that gift his self. But you know simply putting you through all this y all. Ladies.

don t deserve this and even. If you re a man. And also you see your wife out right here cheating you don t deserve this shit. Either.

Honestly and also honey. The final one watch or me interactions v other guys that provide him away largely all the time something he can not hide the way. You check out your man looking at other men or favor daydreaming staring in ~ a man. Whereby you recognize a many women record them ~ above me and daydreaming looking at women.

but when you re regulated a dream and also he looking at a man honey honey that s the red flag love husband you gotta watch his interactions just the way he feather at specific people cuz. The eyes. Execute not lie honey. And that s the very same way.

Janet jackson and four shade girls caught her male being ~ above the down low by the way. That looked. At man honey. Okay.

Yagi come um pay attention to this honey and our bonus wine. And also it s simply plain and an easy trust your suspicions your gut feeling once your gut is telling you something around a man and you as with oh. I don t know ns m simply overreacting no girl you re not overreacting her gut do not lie to you trust your gut feelings. Okay.

because your health and also your children..

Health and all that is really important and also these men out right here some guys when it comes to these man. They room so selfish in as soon as it concerns sex men are an extremely weak. Lock are very vulnerable and women. The thing that women need to stop law is assaulting guy when it comes to sex you understand saying since a lotta women out right here the thing about child women h.

I do not know ns m sure like i obtained to know that you could talk around a man penis size in a way he performed in the bathroom. Honey. And you might just put him top top mute and make that sally and also make him feel like shit and also a many y all. Women.

know that and also i checked out so many women perform it. Due to the fact that i seen my friends do it and also my sister when she was alive honey make me feel favor shit currently talking around the way they carry out in the bedroom. Okay. For this reason okay.

there you have actually it i talked to y all. Later muchas. Talking about kind the like once i was talking around the x files. Prior to the show came back so i think for the reason.

the was hard to justify the cost. And also i think a many of people held off prefer i did ns really ns didn t desire to invest a tiny fortune on the display again like i had in the previous buying the season through season buying the vhs tapes at 15 bucks. An illustration was four are the most expensive endeavor. But i i simply didn t want to litter that kind of money right into it again so i waited for this yet i m perfect happy.

and also yeah. So that s all i have actually for today males so as always everyone say thanks to you because that watching. ” ..

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