Sperm cell pass v a collection of ducts to reach the outside of the body. After ~ they leave the testes, the sperm passes through the epididymis, ductus deferens, ejaculatory duct, and also urethra.

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Sperm leave the testes through a series of efferent ducts that get in the epididymis. Each epididymis is a lengthy (about 6 meters) tube that is strictly coiled to form a comma-shaped organ situated along the superior and also posterior margins of the testes. As soon as the sperm leaving the testes, they are immature and incapable the fertilizing ova. They finish their maturation process and end up being fertile as they move through the epididymis. Maturation sperm room stored in the reduced portion, or tail, the the epididymis.

Ductus Deferens

The ductus deferens, also called vas deferens, is a fibromuscular tube that is constant ( or contiguous) through the epididymis. It starts at the bottom (tail) that the epididymis then transforms sharply upward along the posterior margin that the testes. The ductus deferens start the abdominopelvic cavity with the inguinal canal and passes along the lateral pelvic wall. It the cross over the ureter and posterior part of the urinary bladder, and then descends along the posterior wall of the bladder toward the prostate gland. Just before it get the prostate gland, every ductus deferens enlarges to type an ampulla. Sperm space stored in the proximal section of the ductus deferens, close to the epididymis, and also peristaltic movements propel the sperm with the tube.

The proximal section of the ductus deferens is a ingredient of the spermatic cord, which consists of vascular and also neural structures that supply the testes. The spermatic cord contains the ductus deferens, testicular artery and veins, lymph vessels, testicular nerve, cremaster muscle that elevates the testes for warmth and at times of sex-related stimulation, and also a connective organization covering.

Ejaculatory Duct

Each ductus deferens, in ~ the ampulla, join the duct from the adjacent seminal vesicle (one the the accessory glands) to kind a quick ejaculatory duct. Every ejaculatory duct passes with the prostate gland and empties into the urethra.


The urethra extends native the urinary bladder come the outside urethral orifice at the guideline of the penis. It is a passageway because that sperm and fluids from the reproductive system and urine indigenous the urinary system. If reproductive fluids room passing with the urethra, sphincters contract strictly to keep urine from entering the urethra.

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The male urethra is split into three regions. The prostatic urethra is the proximal portion that passes with the prostate gland. That receives the ejaculatory duct, which consists of sperm and secretions native the seminal vesicles, and numerous ducts indigenous the prostate glands. The following portion, the membranous urethra, is a short an ar that passes with the pelvic floor. The longest portion is the penile urethra (also called spongy urethra or cavernous urethra), i beg your pardon extends the length of the penis and also opens to the exterior at the outside urethral orifice. The ducts from the bulbourethral glands open into the penile urethra.