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About the Song

released on April 3, 1995,“Tell Me i Was Dreaming” was originally recorded by American country music artist Travis Tritt in 1994. It to be the fourth solitary from his fourth studio album, Ten Feet Tall and Bulletproof. In addition, Tritt co-penned the song with other artist Bruce ray Brown. Meanwhile, record producer Gregg Brown produced it because that Warner Bros.

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Digging right into its meaning, “Tell Me i Was Dreaming” is full of emotionally punches. It is just one of the most sentimental nation songs that revolve roughly these topics: love, family, and hope. True enough, that is a tearjerker the pierces one’s emotions.

Here’s a part of this emotionally ballad:

When ns woke up this morning Wiped the sleep from my eyes Found a new day dawning And suddenly I realize You’re gone

Tell me i was dreaming That friend didn’t leaving me right here to cry You no say you don’t love me anymore And the was simply my creativity telling lies Tell me that you no say goodbye

Moreover, the songsignificantly charted ~ above the nation music charts.“Tell Me ns Was Dreaming” debuted in ~ the 73rd point out on the Billboard Hot country Singles & Tracks a week after the release. Soon, that peaked at no. 2 top top the same chart. In Canada, it reached no. 3 ~ above the RPM country Tracks. Furthermore, that charted in ~ no. 14 and no. 36 ~ above the Billboard country Songs and RPM country Tracks, respectively.

The song obtained a favorable evaluation from Billboard newspaper correspondent Deborah Evans Price. She stated:

“big ballad combines an impassioned vocal performance with Gregg Brown’s nifty manufacturing touches.”

The Music Video: among the Saddest in country Music History

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Premiered in 1995, the heartbreaking music video clip has end up being controversial upon its release. It to be directed by music manager Michael Merriman. Filmed in Austin, Texas, Travis Tritt theatre the lead function as Mac Singleton, a crippled American army veteran. In the video, his wife, Annie, is pregnant. While clean the boat, Annie by chance falls and also hits her head top top the docks. Worried and also afraid of losing her, Mac tries to save her v the assist of a friend called Al. Unfortunately, she dies leaving she husband and also their baby girl who at some point survives in spite of the accident. Later, Mac names the baby after his late wife, Annie.

Due to its heartbreaking and also poignant storyline, the video clip has been related to as among the saddest song in country music history. In 1996, it was nominated in ~ the ACM for video clip of the Year. However, it did not properly covet the award.

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