TREY Songz, that has become caught increase in a sex-tape scandal, is most recognised because that his singing and rapping abilities.

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But the 36-year-old, whose genuine name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson, likewise has an amazing collection that tattoos.


An alleged sex ice cream of the R&B artist has actually reportedly surfaced online.

According come reports, a nude video clip of Songz has actually leaked online, yet there is no confirmation that it is in fact Trigga, as he is also known, together the man's face is no shown.

However part fans allege Songz is the guy in the video clip based top top the tattoos.

Here's the inkings the rapper has:


The cross to be Trey's an initial tattooCredit: YouTube/GQVideos

The an initial tattoo Trey obtained was the a overcome on his upper best arm.

It features the word "only God can judge me", inspired by Tupac, who has a tattoo speak the same thing.

Trey claims he was just 16 or 17 when he had this done.

In an interview v GQ he said: "I knew the if I had actually a cross my mom could only be but so mad."


The singer wrote the poem on his chest himselfCredit: YouTube/GQVideos

Trey hails the tattoo top top the left next of his chest as his "favourite".

The composing is a prayer which he penned himself, and also it reads: "To God ns pray may April’s showers rain on her Forrest and also grow the toughness that started with one Rose."

April is is mother's name, Forrest is his brother's name, and Rose is the surname of his grandmother.

The poem way that he hopes his younger brother will certainly be elevated as strong as his grandmother, Rose, increased his mom to be


The tattoo top top Trey's forearm reflects him together a son sitting on peak of the worldCredit: YouTube/GQVideos

On his left forearm, Trey has a explicate of himself together a son which he gained at the age of 18.

The tattoo is the a tiny boy put on a cap and diaper, sitting on optimal of the world.

Trey called GQ: "I'm sitting on top of the world since I had these large dreams because that myself, I always felt choose I would accomplish an excellent things."

Above that, it claims "April's boy", which is in reality the name of among his companies.


His storm tattoo mirrors a tornado and also the sunCredit: YouTube/GQVideos

Storm tattoo

Also ~ above his left eight Trey has a tattoo of a storm, which functions a tornado and also the sunlight shining in ~ the end of it.

He said: "It type of method that if you have the right to make it v the storm, the sunlight will shine."

Trey acquired this tattoo as soon as he was through his previous girlfriendCredit: YouTube/GQVideos

Initials through infinity sign

On Trey's ideal wrist he has the letters "T" and "H" in addition to an infinity sign.

Trey actually got this done as soon as he was v his ex-girlfriend.

He told GQ: "I haven't covered it up however so i guess that means something in ~ itself.

"In order to cover it up it will have to mean something an ext powerful 보다 the love the we common at the moment."

Angels tattoos

Trey's best tattoos are the angels ~ above his backCredit: YouTube/GQVideos

According to Trey, the two angels he gained tattooed top top his back in 2008 are "the most recognisable come his fans".

He added: "Every time ns left the home my grandmother would say 'watch your back', and also because of the I got angels on my back.

On the best side the Trey's chest shows up to it is in a authorize - yet its actually the initials of the important women in his life combined.

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The most visible letters are "A", for his mom April, and "R", because that his grandm Rose.

Trey states he to be "mostly elevated by women" and also the tattoo likewise features the initials of his aunts.


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