i am having actually a tradition module for 4476mountvernon.com 2.4.2 however with php 7.4 ns am having this issue:

Notice: make the efforts to access array balance out on worth of form null in/public_html/app/code/mymodule/Helper/Data.php on heat 242

when make the efforts to conserve a product in my admin.

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My password in this heat is:

if (!is_array($section<"fields">)) continue;And the totality //check is:

$sectionOrder = -1; foreach($sections as $key => $section) $sectionOrder++; if (!is_array($section<"fields">)) continue; if (isset($section<"template_id">) && !in_array((int) $section<"template_id">, $templateIds)) unset($sections<$key>); $sectionOrder--; continue; $sections<$key><"order"> = $sectionOrder; foreach($section<"fields"> as $key2 => $_field) if (!is_array($_field)) continue; $sections<$key><"fields"><$key2><"section_order"> = $sectionOrder; With php 7.3 it works but with 7.4 I have actually problem.

Any help please just how I have the right to write this?Thanks in advance!

php 4476mountvernon.com2.4.2 php-7.4
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asked Mar 31 at 20:09

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It looks choose the resource of the error comes from $section no being an array sometimes, but it wouldn"t pains to additionally account for selection keys top top $section not being collection when it is an array.

PHP"s Null Coalescing Operator is valuable here for accounting for the non-existing range key.

Example of readjusted line:

This consists the instance when fields is not set or null. The ?? operator will return the left operand if it is set and is no null, otherwise it will return the best operand of false i beg your pardon is definitely not one array:

if (!is_array($section<"fields"> ?? false)) continue;This will cover the case where $section chin is null and not an array:

if (!is_array($section) || !is_array($section<"fields"> ?? false)) continue;Example use of Null Coalescing Operator

"Some Value">;// The vital "baz" does not exist$baz = $foo<"baz"> ?? "nothing";// The range offset error will certainly be prevented.// Output will be: "nothing"echo $baz; Example straight From php.net

Referenced from: PHP 7.0 brand-new features

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answer Apr 1 at 3:30


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