i bought a small drive indigenous a flea sector which is able come read various memory cards. Ns was interested since in my job I need from time to time to read such devices for miscellaneous reasons (data transfer, recovery, etc)

I realized also late that the journey wasn\"t USB because it was all packed in duct ice cream (shame top top me) and also the cable ends in a 9-pin connector which demands to be attached straight to the motherboard. In every honesty, I\"ve never understood anything around those conenctors and I would prefer to rotate it into a USB portable journey instrad of a addressed motherboard drive.

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On the bottom I’ve put some image to aid you having actually a clean idea of what it’s like.

Is possible to transform or plug/convey those cables right into an USB plug and how to do so?


usb motherboard connector
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Possibly yes. That IDC connector is basically simply the same electric connections yet just in a compact connector for motherboard connection use. Simply look in ~ this image taken native this Amazon listing because that a, StarTech USB A to USB Motherboard 4-Pin Header F/F 2.0 Cable, 6\" (USBMBADAPT):


Note the exposed wires and the message on the motherboard header connector. That’s your big clue! So usually if you want to clip turn off the connectors top top your machine and cable them come a male USB that can be done as lengthy as you complement data and power wires correctly.

And if you space afraid that doing the yourself, you could purchase this: “Adapter Cable, USB 2.0, IDC 5 masculine (single row) to USB A Male”:


And as the description for the product states:

Used to affix devices designed come plug right into USB motherboard header pins come an exterior USB 2.0 connector

That’s in reality a neat tool due to the fact that you deserve to now usage the maker as you wish without having to mangle the cable; simply plug the female IDC connector right into the male IDC connector and bingo! You have a USB device.

But since your machine has 10 connectors friend would need two of those cables to make that reader totally work. It could be the one connector has specific media reader slots and also the various other handles others; so possibly scoring one cable and also experimenting might be the method to go.

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EDIT: an addition, but here is a cool picture of exactly how someone was able to use one of those male male IDC motherboard header connector cables to connect to a USB speed drive with a damaged connector. This shows plainly what all 5 connectors are: 2 room data, 2 room power and also 1 is for the grounding/shielding.