from sys income argvscript, user_name =argvprompt = ">"print "Hi %s, I"m the %s script." % (user_name, script)I acquire this error:

Traceback (most recent contact last): script, user_name =argv ValueError: need more than 1 value to unpackWhat does that error mean?



Probably you didn"t administer an dispute on the command line. In that case, sys.argv only has one value, but it would need to have 2 in order to administer values for both user_name and also script.

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youre getting ""ValueError: need much more than 1 worth to unpack"", because you only offered one value, the script (which is in this case)

the difficulty is, the you forgot to add a name after you ran the .py file.

line 3 of your password is

script, user_name = argvthe script is, girlfriend forgot to add a surname after

so if your name to be michael,so what you get in into the terminal have to look miscellaneous like:

> python michaelmake this change and the code runs perfectly


You can"t operation this specific piece of code in the interaction interpreter.You"ll should save it right into a file first so that you have the right to pass the argument to it like this

$ python user338690


You shouldn"t it is in doing tuple dereferencing on worths that can readjust like your line below.

script, user_name = argvThe line over will failure if friend pass less than one debate or an ext than one argument. A better way of doing this is to perform something like this:

for arg in argv<1:>: publish argOf cause you will perform something other than publish the args. Possibly put a series of "if" statement in the "for" loop that collection variables depending upon the debates passed. One even better way is to usage the getopt or optparse packages.

You have to pass the arguments in the terminal in order to store them in "argv". This change holds the debates you happen to her Python script once you run it. It later unpacks the arguments and store castle in different variables you specify in the regime e.g.

script, first, 2nd = argvprint "Your paper is:", scriptprint "Your very first entry is:", firstprint "Your second entry is:" secondThen in your command heat you have to run her code like this,

$python Hamburger PizzaYour output will look favor this:

Your record is: ex14.pyYour very first entry is: HamburgerYour second entry is: Pizza
You need to run your code in a following manner in order obtain your output,

python user_name
I assume you found this code on practice 14: Prompting and Passing.

Do the following:

script = "*some arguments*" user_name = "*some arguments*"and that works perfectly

This error is since

argv # which is discussion variable that is holding the variables the you pass through a speak to to the script.

so now rather



python yourname pass the variable that you make to keep argv

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