Versailles Season 3 episode 7, “The book of Revelations” opens up with a breakneck chase v the woods on horseback, and things only gain wilder and more intense native there.

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There’s absolutely something to be said for the reality that this show just wants you to have actually a good time.Versailles revels in its own ridiculousness, throwing out affairs, betrayals, murders, spiritual reformations and attempts to fall the imperial line of sequence on a basically weekly basis.

Now, the true that occasionally these story make very small sense. However sinceVersaillesvery rarely asks that viewers come take any of its story all the seriously (there to be an attempted exoricism a pair of weeks ago!), the easy enough to simply roll with what happens. That the noodle candy variation of history, however man it certain is fun.

This is a lot come say that “The book of Revelations” has some definite issues, which include plot holes and also questionable characterization. But it’s certainly an to chat ride.

Continuing a theme from last week, the real an enig we must be investigate is just how Fabien Marchal has actually such a reputation for justice as soon as he’s so poor at his job. After he finally figures out Sophie’s guilt, that takes turn off after her and the Hapsburg princess who space riding for the border and also freedom.

(Sidebar: Why, exactly, go Leopold’s daughter feel the must flee France? Is she being officially kept as a political prisoner now or would certainly she have been able to depart generally with she dad?)

Alexander Vlahos (Monsieur/Philippe d’Orléans), Tygh Runyan (Fabien)

Thanks to his elite and also magical tracking skills, Fabien follows the girls with the forest — Sophie does deserve part credit for being a rather fantastic horsewoman — and also eventually monitor them under to an exit house.

Because Marchal is an idiot, he ultimately decides come let Sophie go, even though she strikes him, admits to being a spy for Leopold and also all but says she killed Queen Marie-Therese.

But, she additionally says she loves him, so ns guess that’s it s okay then.

As a person who is partial to Sophie and also Fabien as a romantic pairing, also I don’t understand that I can get completely on board through this resolution. Mostly due to the fact that it provides Fabien look so incredibly stupid, and asks Sophie to take it zero obligation for she actions.

It’s not completely clear whyVersaillestakes together pain to neglect that Sophie is a regicide, and that various other than crying near Marie-Therese’s deathbed, has not been held accountable because that that action in any way.

And as for Fabien, it makes no feeling that he would certainly basically assist fake the fatality of someone that murdered a queen just due to the fact that he slept v her that one time.

Furthermore, the show’s attempt to give Sophie a engine by way of blaming louis for she mother’s fatality — once Madame de Claremont was proactively trying to kill the king herself – is also extremely weird. Especially due to the fact that she spent all of last season distancing it s her from her mother’s legacy and trying to succeed in ~ Louis’ court.

Perhaps this will certainly all be made precious it as soon as someone numbers out that Fabien lied to safeguard her, but there’s likewise no guarantee it is what will happen. If so, what a disappointing finishing for a fabulous character.

Au revoir, Sophie.

Evan Williams (Chevalier), Jessica Clark (Palatine), Alexander Vlahos (Monsieur/Philippe d’Orléans), George Blagden (Louis XIV)

Elsewhere, Phillippe drags Louis into his male in the steel Mask obsession, which automatically makes everything a lot an ext fun.

Not because the story all of sudden starts making feeling (it just gets more confusing, honestly), but since this is the an initial time every season the Phillippe and also Louis have really shared any far-ranging amount the screentime.

The relationship in between the imperial brothers has always been a backbone the the show, however for some reasonVersailleshas struggled through what to carry out with Phillippe this season. He’s broken up through the Chevalier, barely talks to Liselotte, and avoids his brother, because that the most part.

Putting him earlier together with Louis instantly renders me care about his story again, in a way that late night sword fights and meetings with that random Parisian shoemaker can not manage.

As the brothers Bourbon inspection the male in the steel Mask mystery, things obtain weirder and weirder.

They fulfill the blind midwife who attended the bear of their illegitimate brother and can verify his existence. But, surprise, he’s no the male in the steel Mask, due to the fact that he is dead and buried in her backyard.

George Blagden (Louis XIV)

Phillippe, due to the fact that he has actually been insane typically this season, can’t let the man in the stole Mask point go, and after sending out Fabien the end to stalk Bontemps and track him come the prisoner, that is ultimately revealed to — surprise! — it is in Louis’ father.

On the plus side, the variation of this legend you generally hear involves a mystery twin it is been concealed away every his life. (Or periodically an older, illegitimate brother — which is the version of this story that looked like the display was going come tell.)

The theory you listen a lot much less is that the male was Louis’ natural father, an argument based on the idea the King luigi XIII had been estranged indigenous his mam for over a decade and also couldn’t have produced a legitimate heir top top his own.

The idea is kind of a wild one, but does describe a lot, including why the masked male was retained prisoner rather of simply being eliminated and permitted to live generally comfortably.

How exactlyVersailleswill handle all of this, specifically in a season that’s been so focused ~ above the idea that Louis is favored by God to rule and how the affects his leadership, is anyone’s guess.

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But it’s definitely exciting come contemplate.

Stray Thoughts and Observations

Surely we can have found something an ext interesting to carry out this season v the Chevalier de Lorraine than have actually him effort to romance a random affluent woman and run interference for the Protestants at court?There was more Les Miserables-style unrest through the negative people that Paris this week, together Guilliame fires Bastien for being too much of a rebel. I’m sure someone brand-new is going to riot soon, yet I can not really carry myself to care.I hope that the display is planning on digging into how precisely the Catholic Church knows the Louis’ father was not the king, exactly how they concerned discover that this random sinner existed in the an initial place, and why they’re okay with such a huge deception.Seriously protect against being average to Bontemps!!Are we supposed to assume the the man in the steel Mask is also Phillippe’s father, in enhancement to being Louis’? Maybe?

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