Do you ever use vertical number lines? I had actually a special ed teacher, in ~ a staff meeting, demonstrate their use one time. It stuck in mine head and also as my students were struggling with adding tens a pair weeks ago, the memory rose up come the surface.

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Why use a upright Number Line?

It’s different. That’s really the just reason I have to provide you. Some students will certainly resonate with the upright number line more than a horizontal number line. It closely resembles a thermometer, i m sorry is a great association because that older students. It likewise emphasizes that us “count up” in our number system. A vertical number line isn’t because that everyone, but some students will certainly latch onto it together their go-to tool.

Would you choose to download the number present you see below as well as two practice sheets to go along with them? Click here to download.

Practice with both upright Number Lines and also Traditional Number Lines

I developed a few worksheets and also laminated some vertical number lines. Here’s how my kiddos have actually been doing v them:


They’ve had an ext success through the vertical number line than a traditional number line. As we have been break apart numbers and including the parts, students have actually struggled cross a 100, for instance 80 + 50. They understand that 8 + 5 is 13, however can’t watch the connection to 80 + 50 = 130. We’ve additionally done some patterning, for this reason they’re beginning to catch on. No all mine kiddos need the upright number line, yet for those that do, it’s to be a an excellent resource.

Would you prefer to download the number lines you watch below and two practice sheets come go in addition to them? Click right here to download.


Here is a facebook Live video that i presented top top Number Lines.

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Have you provided number currently in her classroom and also struggled through why a couple of students haven’t been successful with them? take into consideration creating a vertical number line because that them.