Victor Cruz is a previous American football wide receiver that played in the nationwide Football League. He to be a member of the new York Giants and also the Chicago Bears. He won Super bowl XLVI v the Giants and was selected come the 2012 agree Bowl. For the time being, he works as a sports analyst because that ESPN.

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Victor Michael Cruz apparently earns approximately $58,070 every year as an analyst because that ESPN. Victor Michael Cruz is additionally estimated to have a network worth of much more than $17 million.

Earnings and net worth

Victor Michael Cruz’s network worth is estimated to it is in $17 million. Cruz earns an annual salary of $58,070 as a sporting activities analyst because that ESPN. The bulk of his revenue came native his NFL career, where he was among the greatest earners.

Salary and earnings native a career in the NFL:

Season Team Salary

New York Giants $320,000 in 2010New York Giants $405,000 in 2011New York Giants $490,000 in 2012New York Giants $10,130,000 in 2013$5,524,000 because that the 2014 brand-new York GiantsNew York Giants $6,225,000 in 2015New York Giants $5,300,000 in 2016$1,500,000 because that the 2017 new York GiantsThe full NFL salary is $29,894,000.

Victor Michael Cruz has actually earned a total of $17 million in his career. His first NFL contract was v the new York Giants for three years and also $1.215 million. Later, in 2013, he signed a five-year contract extension worth $45.879 million.

Aside from his earnings, he has assets such together houses and cars. He right now resides in his phibìc Caldwell estate, i m sorry is worth countless dollars and also is totally furnished with luxurious items.

Karrueche Tran’s girlfriend

Victor Cruz is not married and is no single. In 2014, that proposed come his girlfriend, Elaina Watley. They have a daughter named Kennedy together a an outcome of their marriage. Cruz and also Watley initially neither refuse nor confirmed their split. However, the rumors were later shown as true ~ Cruz became involved with model Karrueche Tran.

The pair was spotted in ~ the coast flaunting your beach bodies, and at a movie theater close to Thanksgiving.

They were likewise photographed holding hand in Hollywood, indicating that their romantic connection is flourishing. Victor Michael Cruz is famous on society media in enhancement to gift a previous NFL player. He has one million Instagram followers and also six hundred thousand Twitter followers.

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Victor Michael Cruz to be not just a world-class athlete, however he was also a handsome man. The former NFL star was standing 6 feet tall and weighs about 93 kg.


Victor Michael Cruz to be born in Paterson, new Jersey ~ above November 11, 1986, to Mike Walker and also Blanca Cruz. The is American and also a member that the Afro-American ethnic group, according to his nationality. Furthermore, his zodiac sign is Scorpio. The was raised alongside his siblings, Andrea Cruz, Malik M. Walker, and Ebony Turner.

Victor Michael Cruz to visit Paterson Catholic High school in Paterson, brand-new Jersey, wherein he was a member the the high school football team. Victor Michael Cruz attend the university of Massachusetts and also played for the university of Massachusetts team ~ graduating indigenous high school.

Professional Career

Cruz went undrafted in the 2010 NFL Draft but was signed through the new York Giants the following day. He appeared in three gamings at the start of the season prior to being forced to sit out because of a hamstring injury.

He set a single-season franchise document with 1,536 receiving yards ~ above 82 receptions and also nine touchdowns in 2011 and also was named a second-team All-Pro by the linked Press.

Cruz signed a five-year, $45.879 million contract extension in July 2013. That did, however, sustain a heel bruise. The following season, he had 337 receiving yards and also a touchdown. He went back to NFL beat in September 2016 after 2 years of rest as result of injuries. The Giants released him in February that the following year.

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Cruz signed a one–year contract through the Chicago bear on might 25, 2017, but was released in September. Cruz announced his retirement in respectable 2018 to become an analyst because that ESPN and also signed a one-day contract with the brand-new York Giants to officially retire through the team.

Caption: Victor Cruz (source: Biography)

Quick facts:

Birth Name: Victor Michael CruzBirth Place: Paterson, new JerseyFamous Name: Victor CruzHoroscope: ScorpioFather: Mike WalkerMother: Blanca CruzNet Worth: $17 million dollarsSalary: $58,070 dollarsSiblings: Andrea Cruz, Malik M. Walker and Ebony TurnerSchool Location: PatersonUniversity Team: University that MassachusettsCareer Earnings: $17 million dollarsNo. Of Twitter Followers: 630kNo. The Instagram Followers: 1mNo. That Siblings: 3Nationality: AmericanEthnicity: Afro-AmericanProfession: former NFL player and current analystFamous for: footballStarted career as: football playerCurrently working For: ESPNAwards: Super key champion, pro Bowl, Second-team All-ProUniversity attended: University that MassachusettsSchool attended: Paterson Catholic High SchoolChildren: KennedyGirlfriend: Karrueche Tran