It was to run fine before when ns restarted my machine. Ns have already installed this version from previous one year.





It is expansion auto-update handling is running. You can either death them or wait till they perfect (recommended)




Visual Studio 2017, I had actually to end these processes:

Visual Studio 2017TFS power Tool shell Extension

and climate I could start VS2017.

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You can lunch job Manager or procedure Hacker and terminate VSSVC.exe. The is part of the shadow Copy business which is made use of by system restore and system file protection and also the "previous file version" feature, but may reason problems.Restore points space created automatically during device changes.

In mine case, I opened up Visual Studio Installer and saw that it claimed

Set up failed. Click retry come continue.

Once i reinstalled the trouble went away.

In my instance Visual Studio obtained closed automatically itself there is no asking any kind of confirmation or mirroring warning.

Don"t stop the process. Wait because that 5 or 10 minutes. Intuitive studio will instantly start itself.

In my task manager over there is procedure for intuitive studio 2012 update i finish that procedure and mine VS 2015 working fine... Walk to job Manager and look for any(version) VS update process and just finish that process.

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