Twenty One Pilots leaked this track on June 15th. The song is intense--very poppy--and supposedly going to be component of the soundtrack for the upcoming Suicide Squad.

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It"s (basically) a rule that Twenty One Pilots doesn"t create in the same genre twice. And also we can definitely hear that here with "Heathens." The tune is part grunge, maybe component R&B, and component pop. It reminds me the "Fairly Local" an ext than any kind of other track by them, but even then it"s iffy. You deserve to listen if friend like and also let me recognize what girlfriend think (unless the leaked location I"ve been listening come has currently been removed). Alternatively, ns recommend in search of it ~ above Twitter; there seem come be many uploads that the song there.



“Heathens” starts off gradually with Tyler Joseph (the lead singer because that Twenty One Pilots) virtually crooning the chorus. The sings, “All my friend are heathens; take it slow.” Heathens deserve to mean a lot of of various things. Right here, it might refer to civilization on the outside of a particular group (like Twenty One Pilots’s main point fan base), people who we think are ethically weaker than us, or civilization who we don’t understand or think room odd.

Tyler defines here that all of his friends are “heathens,” suggesting that the feels camaraderie through them due to the fact that he too have the right to be taken into consideration a heathen..

One annotator thinks the track is Joseph’s warning to the Skeleton Clique (Twenty One Pilots fans) who are rude to current or “fake fans” who started following the band after “Stressed Out” came to be popular. The chorus proceeds with Twenty One Pilots telling us, “Wait for them to ask you who you understand / you re welcome don’t make any kind of sudden moves.” This would fit with the annotator’s theory.

Fans will certainly compare notes about which bands lock follow and what they listen to. Joseph could be warning them no to make rapid assumptions around whether the various other fans room legitimate and also sincere or not. He gives a warning the “ou don’t know the half of the abuse.” These human being may seem favor fair weather fans, however there can be something depth there. World hide your issues, and it’s hard to tell indigenous the external what’s going on v them.

Alternatively, the song could be about outsiders being mindful with the clique and also not gift too rapid to referee them. (You have the right to read more about that and other “Heathens” news.) Joseph could be telling these newcomers that Clique members space special world struggling v deep issues and also that they should be cautious when coming right into the Clique’s “territory.”

Finally, the chorus can be telling people to be careful about judging each other in general. It’s simple after a little bit of conversation to make assumptions about somebody, yet we really execute not know what is walk on inside of various other people’s mental or why they execute what lock do. Joseph is calling for empathy, patience, and also a willingness to provide the advantage of the doubt.

All-in-all, i think the last 2 explanations room the most likely to it is in accurate. This remainder of this song seems to fit v the idea the Joseph is singing on behalf of the clique to people coming in indigenous the outside; and then the principles and also ideas within that concept can use to the bigger picture idea of being careful about judging other human being in general. As I proceed to explain, ok speak native the perspective of the 2nd while suspect the third.

Verse 1

In the very first verse the “Heathens,” Twenty One Pilots welcomes outsiders to your fanbase: “Welcome come the room of people / Who have actually rooms of people that lock loved one day / Docked away.” This seems to be a reference to mental disease or difficulty. These people–the clique–have suffered loss, devastating loss connected to losing loved ones (whether to fatality or other issues).

Tyler proceeds to explain that this is a dangerous place full of danger people. He sings, “Just because we examine the guns at the door / Doesn’t typical our brain will adjust from hand grenades.” it’s a fragile place in the Clique. These human being can be unstable, and they grapple with the danger emotions the they feel.

Joseph defines that those who join them may “never know the psychopath. . . . / . . . murderer sitting beside you. / you’ll think, ‘How’d I gain here sitting alongside you?"” when Clique members might not it is in actual murderers, no one knows whereby their think go. Joseph appears to be saying, “Who to know what they’re thinking or what they’re struggling with.”

The recommendation to “murderers” could likewise be a recommendation to various bible verses (Matthew 5:21-22 and 1 john 3:15) that indicate that someone who hates other world have currently committed murder in your hearts. If this is the case, it proceeds to allude towards Joseph’s principles that the Clique is full of “broken people.”

He finishes the verse by prepping because that the chorus: “But after every I’ve said, please don’t forget. . . .”

Verse 2

In the second verse of “Heathens,” Twenty One Pilots speak us, “We don’t attend to outsiders very well / They to speak newcomers have a certain smell.” The band is explaining that the Clique (or any clique) is walking to it is in worried the outsiders room odd or not component of your group.

He proceeds by explaining the his human being have “trust issues, no to mention / They say they have the right to smell your intentions.” Twenty One Pilots fans often tend to be fairly deep and to desire a many of an interpretation in their music therefore the believed of rather joining the fanbase, as soon as those rather are simply there come follow renowned music or just enjoy the songs superficially, deserve to be threatening to them.

The city finishes v some repeat of the very first verse, yet changes “psychopaths” and “murderers” to “the freakshow” and “some weird people.” just like with the first verse, Joseph leader off into the chorus: “But after every I’ve said, please don’t forget.”


The bridge repeats lines indigenous the chorus.


Tyler provides the outro to bring reconciliation between the deeper new fans and all of the old fans. That asks, “Why’d friend come? girlfriend knew friend should have stayed.” these fans recognize that they’ve acquired themselves into a brand-new experience that they might not be ready for. Joseph continues, “I tried come warn you just to stay away.” He want to conserve them from acquiring too deep and also being confronted with enlarge questions and ideas.

But these civilization decide come stick the out, probably finding the depth in the lyrics. Joseph responds, “And now they’re exterior ready come bust”–the event is around to begin–“It looks favor you might be among us.” This person has actually stuck that out, and so Twenty One Pilots accepts them into the Skeleton Clique.

My questions for the song meaning community:Did you favor “Heathens”?What carry out you think about the mentality and also “cliquishness” that the Skeleton Clique?The large question: What other concerns can “Heathens” use to?

Deeper Thoughts…and Outsiders…

This track is deep, and also it reminds me that two mental terms: “in-group” and also “out-group.” These describe the way that people construct communities. Any kind of group that you’re a part of (in-group) is going to have something that unifies those human being (family, interests, location, etc.), and also anyone without that characteristic or quality is part of the out-group.

Oftentimes, in-groups will be suspiciously of out-groups. This deserve to strengthen the in-group, yet will additionally make them more likely to think poorly that or dislike the out-group also if yes no reason to carry out so.

It sounds like the Skeleton Clique is a very solid in-group that’s suspicious of every outsiders. This provides sense due to the fact that the stereotypical Clique member battles with depths issues and also possibly questions about mental health.

I prefer that Joseph not only affirms the Clique’s are afraid of gift infiltrated through fair-weather fans but also allows a pathway because that the those brand-new fans to become component of the main point fanbase if lock stick roughly long sufficient (especially after being warned away). I think this shows an excellent leadership top top his part and will aid to prepare the ar to help more people who need the support and also camaraderie.

The tune ends through Twenty One Pilots telling the brand-new fans, “It looks like you could be among us,” finally welcoming them in and also letting the Skeleton Clique know that they must accept these world too.

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Of course, there are a thousands other cases in the rest of the civilization where the ethics talked around here can be applied (politics, religion, sexuality, etc.). In some of those situations, it could be better to let human being into ours in-groups much more easily, but in others we must be more cautious. It relies on the situation, yet Tyler set a an excellent example below by acknowledging the in-group’s fears while still knowledge that civilization who look prefer outsiders may actually be insiders and that we must not store cliques together absolutes.

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