The go Dead Spinoffseries details are lastly revealed in a leaked copy the the pilot script.

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Robert Kirkman has actually revealed the the upcomingWalking Deadcompanion series, aka Cobalt will be “very different” indigenous the original series. In fact, the is an extremely serious about how different the show will be. But, besides setting the zombie apocalypse in Los Angeles instead of the Peach State, how will the collection be different. Well thanks to a leaked copy the the walking Dead companion series script, we will obtain a glimpse the what we have the right to expect.

(Spoilers ahead)

The original pilot script () from the companion series, i m sorry is calledFear the walking Dead,which may or no be the exact same name the the pilot illustration or the original collection provides through a couple of clues.


The many interesting part of the pilot episode, however, is the it goes ago to the beginning, prior to anyone understood exactly what was going on.

Here are few of the partsfrom the pilot script that offer us an idea ~ above the origin story, and the family the display will be following:


Essentially, nobody to know what is walking on and that human being have not established that zombies choose to eat people. The pilot episode will certainly cover basically every little thing that occurred while Rick was in his coma during the pilot episode ofThe go Dead.

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This is really different take on the zombie apocalypse and also it will be exciting to see exactly how long the companion series will focus on the early outbreak. Will certainly that it is in the entire series? Or will the companion collection eventually head in the direction that the originalThe wade Dead.

Ultimately, the may simply be more compelling to check out the days before everything went to hell and also people began eating other people. Perhaps there will certainly be a crossover episode where Rick travel to Los Angeles ~ above a horse and also saves every little thing with nothing yet a toothpick. I don’t know but, i am yes, really excited because that the new Walking Dead spinoff. What carry out you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comment below!

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