This reality display takes eight single men and women and whisks them far on a beautiful trip to paradise. While the members that this show think they room there to uncover a new love, things obtain shaken up once their exes arrive. The motives of the contestants\" exes is unknown. The American version of the British present debuted on MTV in 2018.

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After the fact Ceremony leaves the chalet in disarray, couples ultimately decide if they\"re leaving with their Ex, Next, or just alone. One single pops the question, while another leaves in shambles once the truth is too lot to bear.

Everyone is shocked with a surprised lied detector test; Georgia ultimately uncovers the truth around Callum and also Paris.

Adore is moved to choose in between her Ex and also her Next, pushing one of them come spiral right into a jealous fit. A Hot date is bonus that causes tensions come flare and also leaves someone damaged hearted.
Adore\"s trip to the Sauna of tricks jeopardizes her romance through Tyler. A new Ex provides a welcome distraction. La Demi\"s perspective towards she Ex pushes her finest friends to rotate on she at the ice Ceremony.
When a an initial love arrives at the Peak, the chalet’s golden couple is thrown for a loop. A new connection and also a surprised decision at the Hot day leaves Tyranny seeing red.
Ten smoking-hot celebrity singles think they space running away to a dry island for a when in a life time romantic vacation of fun and also sun. Just as the party is gaining starting, some undesirable guests arrive.
A perfect day turns right into a perfect nightmare for one couple. Meanwhile, Niall is met with severe competition because that Allie\"s affection, and also Marlon and also La Demi battle to figure out your situation-ship.
A shocking Sauna that Secrets means that the Singles have to watch their earlier at the ice cream Ceremony. Allie and also Niall\"s on-again-off-again partnership leaves Allie on shaky ground.
Georgia and also Callum\"s connection is put to the test once the Ex lock dreaded the most shows up. Stress flare end La Demi\"s latest love interest. A romantic Hot date is awarded.
The Sauna of keys uncovers a secret for Marlon\"s ex. 2 singles uncover themselves fighting end the very same ex. Things obtain heated in ~ the ice cream Ceremony as soon as one ex renders a surprising move.
Marlon catches the attention of multiple Exes and also Adore is no happy about it. A charming surprise interrupts the hot Date.
Daniel renders an awkward attempt at a love connection; the heat rises in the Sauna of secrets for a two-timing Single, and the very first Ex is ice\"d out of the chalet.
Callum and Nicole\"s Exes cause major trouble in the chalet. A love link is produced one couple and conveniently un-made because that another. A brand-new Ex arrives and also the first Hot day is awarded.

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10 truth celebs arrive in a winter wonderland to check out if lock can discover their following for cuffing season. Callum and also Nicole\"s Exes cause trouble in the chalet. A love connection is produced on pair and quickly un-made because that another. A brand-new Ex arrives.