I"ve been reading the Wiki, and it claims that anything put on a pedestal doesn"t work-related on Multiplayer. Of course, this to be after ns made 8 Pedestals and 8 watches of flow Time. Execute these work-related on Multiplayer? When adding them to a Pedestal, every the devices on ours server simply slowed down; not rate up. Is other wrong? A solitary furnace bring away 15 minute to scented 1 gold Ore. Some exactly how I don"t think this is claimed to it is in this way.

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I tried appropriate clicking the pedestals and also no sounds or graphic changed. How do I even know they are active? right now anything the is a device is going beyond slow. Ours MKIII Relays and also Energy converters are moving at 1/8th the speed they typically run. They space running slower 보다 MKI.

EDIT: removing the Pedestals and the the town hall didn"t help.

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Posted June 13, 2012


Posted June 13, 2012

If the compounds choose interest, it it s okay you close. Nevertheless, I"ve never ever felt skinny to attempt it lot less malfunction the password or figure out the exact math.

I supplied to use the WoFT in the initial EE a lot yet now there space much more effective ways, in my opinion, to gain EMC without having actually to spend 568,512 EMC for each watch (SMP included).

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Posted June 13, 2012


Posted June 13, 2012

Can anyone else administer any credit to this?

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Watch of flow Time and Multiplayer
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