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"We fly High" is a track by American i know well hop record artist Jim Jones, released together the lead solitary from his 3rd studio album, Hustler"s P. O. M. E. (Product of mine Environment) (2006). The song is Jim Jones" highest-charting single to date, charting in ~ number 5 on the Billboard warm 100. The was written by Jones alongside Max B and also produced by Zukhan-Bey who created his vault single, "Baby Girl". The intro that the song provides a sample the "Mr. Cool" through Rasputin"s Stash.

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We fly high, no lie (you listen that?), you recognize this (ballin") international rides (yes sir) outside, it"s favor showbiz (we in da builidin")We stay fly, no lie, and you know this (ballin")Hips and also thighs, five my, continue to be focusedYa boy gettin" record (money), i buy big cars (foreign)Eight fly rides simply to drive in mine garage (choose one)Stay skies high (twisted), fly through the stars (twinkle, twinkle)G4 flights, eighty grand big (ballin")So we lean wit" it, pop wit" the (Bankhead)"Vertible Jones, mean with the height missin" (flossin")I"m sittin" clean through the bottom kitted (do it)I hopped out saggy jeans and also my absent glistenin" (ballin")But I invested "bout eight grandMami on stage doin" the rain dance (I think she favor me)She let that hit the floor, do it popular music (what else?)Got mine pedal come the floor screamin", "f*ck the cops!" (Do it)We paris high, no lie, you know this (ballin")Foreign rides outside, it"s choose showbizWe continue to be fly, no lie, and also you recognize this (ballin")Hips and thighs, five my, continue to be focusedSlow down right here tonight, might be gone tomorrow (one chance)So I speed through life prefer it"s no tomorrow (speedin")A hundred G"s worth of ice cream on the Audemars (flossy)And us in the street life "til they call the law (ballin")I make the whip obtain naked (what happen?)While ns switch gears, bitch lookin" at the bracelet (got her)Step out, show me what you all aboutFlashbacks of critical night the me ballin" the end (Harlem)One am, us was in ~ the club (what happen?)Two am, ten bottles of bub" (money ain"t a thing)And by three somethin" i was thinkin" "bout grubSo ns stumbled to the car, threw the drinks and also the drugs (twisted)We paris high, no lie, you understand this (ballin")Foreign rides outside, it"s favor showbizWe remain fly, no lie, and also you recognize this Hips and thighs, five my, continue to be focusedNigga, might you buy that? I keep twenty in the bag (light change)You talkin" buck-eighty if the Bentley is the object (that Grey Poupon)But of course got a fly the Spur (where?)To the hood and also roll dice on next the curbNow I recognize G-Bent might sound absurd (get her money up)Drive eighty increase Lennox "cause I acquired a advice (speedin")The rap game like the cracked gameLifestyles, rich and famous livin" in the rapid lane (ballin")So when I bleep shorty, bleep backLouis Vuitton belt where I"m keepin" every the warmth strapped (loaded)I to win the trial over Rucker (let"s execute it)All guns loaded in the back, motherfucker (Dipset)We paris high, no lie, you know this (ballin")Foreign rides outside, it"s choose showbizWe fly high, no lie, you recognize this (ballin")Foreign rides outside, it"s choose showbiz (ballin")We stay fly (stay fly), no lie (no lie), and you understand this (ballin")Hips and thighs (ayy), five my (oh my), stay concentrated (oh, oh, chyeah)You niggas need to stay focusedWhen you"re dealin" with a motherfuckin" GYou recognize my name, Jones, One Eye, Capo StatusAll the over motherfuckerIt"s Dipset Byrdgang, we born to flyYa"ll recognize the rules, fall ago or autumn backSomebody tell mine bitch Summer I"m lookin because that herYa dig, an additional day one more dollarThe fast life fuckerWe continue to be fly (Dipset), no lie, and also you know this Hips and thighs, oh my, continue to be focusedWe stay fly, no lie, and also you understand this Hips and thighs, oh my, stay focused

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Jim Jones Joseph billy Jones II (born July 15, 1976), better known through his stage name Jim Jones, is one American rapper and also original member that The Diplomats, likewise known as Dipset. That is Co-CEO of Diplomat Records.

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Jones is also a detailed video director under the name CAPO, for artists including Cam"ron, Remy Ma, and also State Property. More »