Find all the levers and solutions to all the puzzles indigenous the perspective of the lord in this overview to we Were below Too.

About a year ago, indie developer total Mayhem gamings released free-to-play puzzle game We were Here. Now you can shot out the sequel, title We Were here Too, which supplies a much more advanced co-op puzzle experience for 2 players.

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The job is to discover the means out that the lock by solving miscellaneous puzzles indigenous a view of a Lord and his Peasant. If friend can\"t discover the systems to few of the puzzles and also don\"t desire to waste more time ~ above them, then simply follow the overview from the Lord\"s perspective below for every the info you need.

Room 1 Puzzle Solutions


In bespeak to leaving the castle, friend will need to pull the levers locked behind the doors in every room. In order to unlock the lever door in the first room together a Lord, you need to give your Peasant information about the three symbols, which girlfriend can uncover under the floor behind the bars.

As shortly as your Peasant figures out the three symbols on his side of the castle, the door come the bar will it is in unlocked. Go inside and also pull the first lever.


Then, look around and also check one more three symbols over the coffins in the very same room, and also give lock to her Peasant. This will unlock the door come the following room.

Room 2 Puzzle Solutions


There space three puzzles in Room 2. The an initial one is a book with candle in the center of the room. Walk approximately it and also describe the order of the candles to her Peasant, who has to light up the candles in the order top top his side.


When your Peasant is done, the icons on the banner in the room will start to glow. Explain them come your partner so he can solve castle on his side. This will open up the bar door in the second room, so walk ahead and also switch it on.


Then, go behind the book with the candles and also tell your Peasant the bespeak of the icons from left to right. It works like a compass, therefore this need to be fairly easy.


Lastly, you will need to go v a series of chambers that organize wooden cubes through triangular indicators on them. Your partner demands to tell girlfriend the place of these cubes, which girlfriend then require to place on an altar in each chamber.

As shortly as girlfriend open all of them, the puzzle will be solved, and also the door to the next room will certainly be unlocked.

Room 3 Puzzle Solutions


In the 3rd room, the bar is located right in front together you go into the very first hallway. Then, go more into the room and also look in ~ the knights stop weapons and shields at the walls, and also describe them and also the symbols above them to her partner. This will certainly unlock the gateways to the next room.

Room 4 Puzzle Solutions


The last lever have the right to be found at the entrance of the room 4 to her right. Then, walk approximately a wall with radiant stained-glass pictures. Define them come a Peasant and their order.


After that, walk to your left and walk approximately a table v the chess-like game, which will certainly become active after your partner manages to deal with the previous puzzle.

Here you need to work through a Peasant, who have to tell you exactly how to move the pawn safely about the board. Just follow the instructions and you will ultimately figure it out. Together you progress, you will hear properties sound cues.


When the chess board drops, the door will open up -- go v it and you will watch your companion from a balcony in some sort of a maze. Provide him/her direction on exactly how to leaving the maze as conveniently as possible.

Room 5 Puzzle Solutions


Here you also need to job-related with your companion to switch the wheel with symbols on both sides of the door that separates you two.

When symbols on both political parties align, the gate will open. Walk to the various other side of the gate, unlock the room v the bar using the same combination as the gates, and also switch the on.

Room 6 Puzzle Solutions


Finally, you have the right to leave the lock via an elevator. However you should switch top top the remainder of the levers:

one is located in the room to your left as you enter the elevator chamberanother one is at the top floor close to the exitthe third one is in ~ the bottom of the shaft, therefore drop top top the roof of the elevator and also you will have the ability to see it as you descend

In the end, use the elevator and go earlier up to the top floor, where you will check out the open up gateway come freedom.

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If you can\"t uncover all the levers, then among you has to stay and also let the other one walk by steering the wheel in ~ the bottom of the elevator shaft. However hopefully friend will manage to switch all the levers.