Miley Cyrus"s complete Younger currently album comes out Sept. 29, yet in development of the final release, Cyrus has released "Week without You" together its own single on Spotify today. And while that could an extremely well be about Liam Hemsworth the way "Malibu" was, this isn"t a lovey track. It muses about the lure of the solitary life and the self-reliance that comes v it—and what at some point keeps her v Hemsworth despite this temptation.

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Genius users keep in mind it can be influenced by the break the Cyrus and also Hemsworth took as soon as they split up in 2013 after ending up being engaged. However some of the lyrics indicate the sentiment could be an ext recent. Here, the lines, via Genius, with feasible Hemsworth references annotated. Cyrus is significantly the just writer ~ above this song, for this reason while it"s possible she"s describing a fictitious relationship, it"s more probable the at least some the this is motivated by her own experience.

Verse 1:

If I invested a week without youBet you"d wonder what i doI think the I’d begin going outGet captured kissing various other dudes

When Cyrus and also Hemsworth break-up up in 2013, Cyrus had actually a fairly active date life: She to be notably linked to Patrick Schwarzenegger for five months and also with Stella Maxwell at one point. She was spotted playfully kissing other world when rumors very first sparked of her breakup through Schwarzenegger:

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It appears you just wanna lug me down, downWith her bad mindset (bad attitude)

Cyrus talked about how when she and Hemsworth take it a break, she felt organized back. "I necessary to adjust so much. And transforming with someone else not transforming like the is too hard," she called Billboard in might 2017. "Suddenly you"re like, "I don"t acknowledge you anymore." We had to refall for each other."

Hemsworth himself echoed that sentiment a year before: "Of food it was hard, man," Hemsworth stated of the breakup come GQ Australia in might 2016. "But at the time we to be going in different directions and it"s just what essential to happen. Us were both at sight young and it was a good decision in ~ the time—we both necessary that."

When you understand I"m no one come keep managing the shitThat you put me through


I recognize that I offered you my heartBut girlfriend stomped it come the groundAnd that"s what acquired me wonder what it’s likeTo not have you around

Cyrus and also Hemsworth initially started as a on-off couple who took numerous breaks once they were an initial dating (multiple in 2010).

But as soon as they referred to as off your engagement in 2013, the wandering believed ("what it"s like to not have actually you around") resulted in Cyrus making the best decision because that herself to end things—meaning even now, that gut feeling is important for her to hear to.

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"Everything is happening because that the ideal reason. Ns knew that as soon as we weren’t together for the an initial time,” Cyrus said Sirius XM in may 2017. “I didn’t know if that was the end of that or understand if we’d be earlier together again, however knew that wherever ns was going, ns was ~ above the appropriate path.”

These days, yes, Cyrus and also Hemsworth room re-engaged. Yet they aren"t getting married anytime soon, and a breakup isn"t impossible. As Cyrus told the sun on Sunday this month, “I don’t envision marriage. I’m 24. Ns hope to gain to live a little bit more. I have actually too lot living to perform ."

“Three year ago, if you’d inquiry me if I’d be here, this happy with this man, I’d have actually been stunned. I’m just riding this out. In some relationships, you shed yourself by being with someone else. Actually, the made me discover myself more. I have no idea what the next three years will certainly bring, however if it’s possible to get also happier, I’ll take it it.”

Verse 2:

If I invested a week there is no youI"d probably have so much fun, hmFirst thing first I"d gather up all my girls, yeahSo we deserve to lay the end in the sunIt would certainly be therefore nice no to worryHow I"d love not to stressI"d go and also grab mine old blue jeansI"m ailing of attract this silly dress

Cyrus told Cosmopolitan in its September 2017 issue the she hated she look throughout the period she originally dated Hemsworth; she and Hemsworth first dated indigenous 2010 publicly (they additionally could"ve privately dated in 2009) to 2013.

"Pretty much 2008-2013 . The Grammys were rough and also tough for me. Yoikes!" Cyrus said.

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She told Harper"s Bazaar in its august 2017 issue that at some points, she struggled reconciling what the market wanted her to be versus who she really is. "It"s no wonder that a lot of of civilization lose their means and lose who they yes, really are since they constantly have people telling them who to be." She admitted the personally, her years as a Disney Channel star deeply impacted her. "There"s so much I don"t remember about being a child entertainer due to the fact that it to be so much to save in my brain," she said. "It"s favor anything when you are in it. Ns didn"t realize just how much push I was under and also how the shaped me until, like, this year."

These days, Cyrus said, "I simply want human being to view that this is who I am appropriate now. I"m not saying I"ve never ever been myself. That I to be on the last record <Miley Cyrus & her Dead Petz> to be really who I am. It"s just myself has been a many of different people because I change a lot."


I recognize that I offered you my heartBut girlfriend stomped it to the ground

A referral to their previous breakups and also the fact that Hemsworth has actually hurt Cyrus before.

And that"s what got me wonder what it"s likeTo not have actually you around


You know I’d miss out on you, babyFeels like I’ve recognized you because I to be 7 years old

Cyrus and also Hemsworth first met in 2009 while shoot The last Song, eight years back when Cyrus was simply a teenager. Hemsworth was v Cyrus during a duration she grew up and also out that the Disney childhood spotlight.

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Cyrus will most likely go on tourism for Younger Now too, an interpretation work will continue to separate them physically, and they"ll need to cope with the lengthy distance.

But when I think of you gone, i know


I recognize that I gave you mine heartBut friend stomped it to the groundI don"t desire to wonder what it"s likeTo not have you aroundTo not have you around, to not have you aroundTo not have you around, come not have you aroundYou understand I"d miss you, babyYou understand I’d miss you, babyYou recognize I"d miss you, baby(Know I"d miss out on you)

Cyrus provides clear in the last chorus of this song that her love that Hemsworth and her development is what keeps her committed this time, also with the struggles. "I think civilization that rest up and get ago together, that’s awesome,” she said Sirius XM in might 2017 ~ above the benefit of their sort of history. “You obtain time to be yourself. You acquire time to grow up. I think if you’re cultivation up enclosed to one more person, you never really gain solid together your own being. So I’m really solid, and then he gets to be really solid. And together we acquire to be 2 really base people. It’s not a half and a half making a whole.”

Listen come "Week there is no You" below on Spotify.

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