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"SNL" alum Carvey5.Incurred, as charges10.Have a sample of13.Decorates with frosting14.Rub out15.Gum may stick to one16."I really don"t care" (In this clue"s answer, see letters 3 to 1)18.___ colada19.Lo-___ (a bit fuzzy)20.Musical Horne21.Word after "split" or "burnt"22."Don"t ask me for anything else!" (... letters 9 to 6)26.Vegetable in some cakes29.In the thick of30.Wally of cookie fame31."Quiet!"36.Gravestone letters37.Overly sweet? (... letters 4 to 3)39.Chinese bun40."Symphony No. 9" composer42.Murder mystery suspect, often43.Wax"s opposite44."Cool," to a surfer46.Product that targets wrinkles (... letters 8 to 5)51.46-Across additive52."Getting warmer," for one53.Soak (up)56.Hand ball?57.P.R. pro, and a theme clue60."Little piggies"61.In need of a back rub, say62.Classic clown63.Lines on city maps: Abbr.64.Light-show light65.Went too fast


1.Christian of fashion2.Tooth trouble3.Front-page stuff4.Fire residue5.Student"s second chance6.NHL game venue7.Like battleships8.Manipulate9.Part of rpm10.A noun might be one11.Rajon of the NBA12.You"ll get a rise out of it15.Swim meet garment17.Voice hidden in "nasal tone"22.Estimated tax org.23."E pluribus unum" language24.Computer with a 24-inch model25.Workbench gripper26.Low-___ diet27."Femme" friend28.What"s tugged in tug-of-war31."Frankenstein" or "Dracula"32.Loonie"s number of Canadian dollars33.App with drivers34.Get exactly35.Hunky-___37.Take out of the freezer38.Chaplin of "Game of Thrones"41.Messages limited to 280 characters42.Eggs" partner44.Neuter, e.g., in grammar45.___ alphabet (alfa, bravo, etc.)46.Travels the rapids47."Do I dare to eat a peach?" poet T.S.48.They pick up scents49.Uppercut targets50.Shampoo instruction53."Enough!"54.Move like sludge55.Give a nudge57.Second most populous city in Mo.58.

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Small hailstone size59.Colbert"s network